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Posted By DAO's Finance Department on 10/5/2010 11:04:58 AM

Interviewer: Fatima Kohistani.

The creation of Federation for Persons with Disabilities needs efforts from organizations and active individuals from the disability society. An in interview with Mr. Khurd Agha Kohdamani, Director of Martyrs and Disability Association, was conducted, and it follows below. Please read.

Question: When and how did you become a person with a disability? Prior to your disability, what were you doing?

Answer: . Because of the fighting with the Taliban in 1998 in our area, I lost one of my legs and before my disability, I was involved in a masonry job.

Q: For how long and for what objective your organization is working?

Answer: In 2007, our organization was established under the name of Martyrs and Disability Association, which covers 14 districts of Kabul. I'm the Director of this organization. When persons with disabilities were visiting every center in order to obtain their due rights, they were badly treated by the dignitaries and insulted. Those feelings and the insensitivity were the main reasons that we have established the above mentioned organization with the cooperation of friends and allies belonging to different districts of Kabul-- so that to become able to organize these people and to serve them and the society.

Question: Since the establishment of your organization, what of services you have provided to disability community?

Answer: With regard to the services provided, I can only say that we have found jobs for 200 persons with disabilities. And for those who had no privileges card, we got those cards for persons with disabilities from the Ministry of Labor, Social, Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled. We have been also able to increase the visibility of competent persons with disabilities so that they could serve themselves and others.

Question: How many persons with disabilities are registered with your organization?

Answer: A total of 6,000 persons are registered with us, and women are also included in this.

Question: Is there yet any action taken with regard to the coordination of National Disability Federation?

In the past, the Development & Ability Organization (DAO) organized capacity building and disability awareness trainings in our districts, where it was always asked from persons with disabilities during the training workshops to become united, organize themselves, and to obtain their due rights, in order to establish a strong Federation on a National level in Afghanistan.

Currently, I'm having people registered in our association in 14 districts of Kabul where we are all working under the one name for one objective and it indicates coordination, where this is itself a good step toward the establishment of a disability Federation.

In conclusion, of a workshop which was held in Kabul INN Hotel, a discussion took place about the Federation, where the DAO staff has asked from 55 persons with disabilities in total to create a National Disability Federation so that we can properly advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities.

At the end of the workshop, persons with disabilities have extended their hands to each other and have accepted this proposal and promised to create a Federation. On behalf of persons with disabilities from 14 districts, I would like to whole heartedly thanks DAO for this initiative and hope that influential, honest and Muslim individuals will be able to work for the creation of this Federation country wise.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to you and your other colleagues through Gadoon publication.