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Posted By David Gross on 2/10/2017 5:45:03 PM
Is anyone  interested in discussing how we could create a  directory  of  vetted  video procedures for O and P?

The primary goal  would  be to assemble and maintain a listing of vetted video information.There is some material   already on  the  web that  could  be organized but  surprisingly little.  A free, vetted directory for  material to  be  used in   teaching,  refreshing, or  getting further ideas that has  been evaluated  by  certified  peers could  be helpful on many levels. It could be created by many sources (schools, individual practitioners, manufacturers,etc). This  could  be developed  as a  section of oandp online or as a special interest  group of the  Academy or...? The goal is to make  a particularly helpful asset for personal review, documenting  procedures,  and teaching,  especially  in  developing  countries. I don't think we'll make  zillions except in personal and professional  satisfaction  since  it would be  an  all-volunteer effort, but it  could  be  beneficial in many  ways and document  how  some of  the masters in  our  field  as well as  innovators  do things.
As a means of  starting the  discussion I have  these  suggestions:1.The  basic idea is to create a freely accessible listing of online vetted video presentations  listed in a directory that  could include  material  already online  and  new  submissions.
2.A  volunteer group with professional standing would  do  the  vetting by majority vote.
3.No proprietary  information would  be  disclosed and  access  would  be free  online (youtube, vimeo, etc).
4.Those making  decisions to  include  or  exclude  material in  the  directory would  be  volunteer professionals.
This is just a skeleton sketch that  hopefully  creates enough interest to  get things  rolling.
If there is enough interest we  could get together during  the Academy meeting  in Chicago.If you are interested in pursuing  this please  contact me directly: [Email Address Removed]
Dave Gross CP