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Posted By Ted Trower on 8/30/2010 6:14:01 PM
My original question was:

Can anyone help me identify this wrist unit?


Replies follow:
It looks like a Hosmer quick disconnect model 61862-61863.
It looks like the USMC one. Hosmer makes it now. http://www.hosmer.com/products/wrists/index.html
Fourth one down.
at a quick glance it appears to be the old usmc wrist which was notorious
for breaking the insert locking pin and as such(usmc)is no longer available
hosmer has a quality like in kind
As per our Prosthetist XXXX XXXXXXX - Looks like:
Quick Disconnect Wrist - USMC Style
Fillauer/Hosmer # 61862
Looks like the Hosmer?Fillauer version of the FM100 quick disconnect
Hi again,
The wrist unit appears to be a USMC quick disconnect wrist that had
a lamination collar which the front housing screwed into. I don't
know if they continued to make it when USMC merged into Seattle
systems. I stick with Hosmer parts that are now Fillauer. We need a
guide to see who has aquired what company these days.
Ted, it looks as though it might be an old Sierra Engineering Company unit.
They have been long gone for many years. I am taking the liberty of
forwarding this to Jerry Leavy, formerly President of Hosmer Corporation,
who has been retired for several years. If anyone knows, Jerry will.
It's either USMC or Hosmer. Looks like aluminum with locking inserts.
Check the PEL catalog
Looks like the Hosmer FM- 100? Not sure of current part #.
Looks like an older model of Hosmer FM quick disconnect wrist shown
in SPS catalog p.296.
End of replies.

Thank you to all who responded. It does look very much like the
Hosmer quick disconnect model 61862-61863. I was familiar with the
FM-100, but not this version. The prosthesis it was found on is
quite old and I was afraid that parts might not be available but it
looks like I'm in luck!

Gotta love oandp-l!

Ted A. Trower C.P.O., FAAOP
A-S-C Orthotics & Prosthetics
Jackson, Michigan, USA

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