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Amfit has over two decades of specializing in custom foot orthotic technology and services. Our goals are to offer the clinician or technician complete control over design and outcome through intuitive software and high quality machines all built in the USA. With thousands of systems worldwide, trust Amfit with your custom foot orthotic needs.
A complete CAD/CAM solution for the prosthetic and orthotic profession. The system includes a four axis CNC non-contact laser imager, state-of-the-art modification/visualization software and a 4.5 axis CNC mill. Look for our new cost effective Virtual Casting System™ and central fabrication service.
Top quality devices at Rock bottom prices
Shapeshift 3D is an online platform that empowers orthotist and prosthetists to create more advanced custom-fit products with no compromise to production scaling. From 3D scan to print, we leverage patent-pending technologies and AI to streamline and remove tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on what matters - improving treatment outcomes.
Standard Cyborg’s intuitive, cloud-based clinical design and documentation software has set a new bar for global technological innovation in O&P. Their solution allows clinicians to save hours on their design process while also providing clear, seamless documentation of their work.
Canfit by Vorum Research Corporation
Vorum continues to lead the way in CAD/CAM innovation for the P&O and Footwear industries. We help streamline your processes from measurement intake to design and output through fabrication and manufacturing. Our products are designed to solve the automation needs of our clients, from the single practitioner clinics to the large central fabrication sites and industrial manufacturers.
Design prosthetic and orthotic devices with the OMEGA System. By using the OMEGA Scanner for shape capture, practitioners are able to obtain accurate, three-dimensional electronic images of patient shapes. OMEGA’s intuitive software allows for shapes to be quickly and accurately modified, fabricated, and stored for future reference. Create numerous O&P devices with the OMEGA System and the OMEGA Scanner: transtibial, transfemoral and upper extremity sockets, custom Liners, custom breast prostheses, cranials, AFOs, insoles, and spinals.

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