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provides cosmetic restoration services through the RSLSteeper company. High-definition custom silicone cosmetic covers are available for upper- and lower-limb restorations. Unlike competitors who paint the interior of their silicone covers, the covers provided by LTI are made by "blending" color into the clear silicone to match the color desired by the wearer. Anatomical details can be matched and freckles, hair, even tattoos can be provided if necessary. Delivery time is typically 5-6 weeks.
Your full service custom cosmetic restoration specialists for the amputee. We can custom fabricate the entire prosthesis for you or cover your existing one and make it look cosmetically appealing. We are the creators of the original clear vinyl skin that could be pigmented to your desire. We are also the inventor of the removable vinyl skin sleeves that are available today. Come see our products and e-mail us to let us know what we can do for your appearance with your prosthetic appliance.
SteeperUSA manufacture a comprehensive range of upper limb prosthetic components in addition to custom and production silicone cosmeses. Custom silicone products can be produced to suit a wide range of requirements - from individual digits, full and partial hands, partial feet, upper and lower limb covers as well as cosmetic restorations for burns and tissue loss. Unlike similar products, our fabrication techniques involve coloring the silicone prior to sculpting, as opposed to surface painting. This process allows the layering of different shades of silicone to give a translucent finish, similar to real human tissue. Anatomical details such as freckles, hair or even tattoos can be incorporated. To ensure the most accurate match we use Spectromatch, a unique system that electronically measures skin tone to provide an optimum color match. Delivery takes approximately four to six weeks.

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