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Alps' goal is to deliver innovative products to customers and patients.  Since its founding in 1988, Alps has expanded its knowledge and became an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced gel-based products.  We pride ourselves on excellent product quality, outstanding customer service, and our ability to satisfy many customers needs.  We currently have three divisions: Prosthetic, Silicone, and Orthotic.  With 6 locations worldwide, we are able to serve most needs and market.
ENDOLITE IS COMMITTED to help those who face mobility and quality of life challenges through continued research, innovation and design of prosthetics that enable amputees to get busy living. We are dedicated to providing a valuable and positive experience to our customers and listening to their feedback in order to continually improve our service and products. As the world's leader in prosthetics, our goal is nothing less than to open up the world to amputees so that they can get busy living.
College Park Industries designs and manufactures a full line of anatomically correct, customizable prosthetic foot and ankle systems. Our tagline for the past 25 years, “Technology for the Human Race”, encapsulates our passion for creating new benchmarks in prosthetic design and restoring maximum function for lower limb amputees of all ages and activity levels.
Cypress Adaptive is committed to offering products that reflect innovation, quality, and value. We specialize in prosthetic socket technology and prosthetic suspension, offering an extremely comprehensive line of Aria® suction valves for all socket applications. Cypress Adaptive is the exclusive North American Distributor for the Symphonie Aqua® System, a revolutionary, full weight bearing casting system that allows the practitioner to consistently and efficiently create well fitting prosthetic sockets for their patients. We are also proud to offer you a growing portfolio of prosthetic knees and Vista Ankle™systems for elevated vacuum.
Our mission at iFIT (Immediate Fit, Innovative Technology) is to produce high quality prosthetic devices that enhance the lives of people with amputations. Working with experts to create an exceptionally accommodating, adjustable and affordable option, iFIT is paving a new path toward comfortable, durable and cost-effective mobility.
A philosophy of reliability, dependability, quality and service centered on total rehabilitation of the amputee has made Kingsley Mfg. Co. the largest manufacturer of prosthetic feet in the United States and second largest in the world. Orders placed online will be processed and shipped with the same care and speed that you have come to expect from Kingsley.
New product highlights include the Pro-Flex® family, featuring a unique footblade design that increases range-of-motion and ankle power while decreasing sound side loads, RHEO KNEE® 3 and RHEO KNEE® XC, the only weatherproof microprocessor knees that harness the responsiveness of magnetorheologic fluid to provide the perfect balance of stability and dynamics.
A technical services center specializing in the fabrication of prosthetic sockets and CAD/CAM services. Read about our Socket Sense Program, a smart and cost effective alternative to traditional socket fabrication.
PROTEOR USA is proud to offer an innovative portfolio that includes everything from the virtually indestructible RUSH Foot collection to the world’s first microprocessor controlled hydraulic 4-bar knee with both stance and swing functionality; the ALLUX. The EASY RIDE, multi-use extreme sports knee to the KEASY, renowned prefabricated cones. The K2 GERY foot to the flexible, all-terrain, DynaTrek foot. Putting the #HumanFirst, we are excited to deliver an extensive, progressive product line that includes everything today's active amputees need to LIVE THE LIFE THEY LOVE. Discover the exciting PROTEOR USA product line today! .
has a broad assortment of prosthetic components for every amputee's activity level. Initiating with the Endolite Senior Foot, a lightweight, stabilizing foot preferred by geriatrics, to hydraulic knees and microprocessor knees for the more demanding amputee, SPS has the prosthetic item you are looking for.
Caring about you and your patients has been the primary focus of WillowWood since the company was founded in 1907. We are dedicated to our mission of designing and manufacturing prosthetic products that are comfortable and functional. Every product we design aims to enable individuals with limb loss to remain active and ready to live life to the fullest. WillowWood offers a complete line of prosthetic feet, low-activity knees, suspension sleeves and devices, thermoplastic elastomer liners, silicone liners, and the leading CAD system for the industry.

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