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Proud to be recognized as your O&P Partner committed to customer satisfaction, development of innovative adult and pediatric orthotic devices, and reputation for honesty and integrity. Our position as worldwide leader in carbon composite AFO solutions began with 1997 introduction of ToeOFF®. To address specific patient needs – we developed Ypsilon™, BlueROCKER™, KiddieGAIT™ and KiddieROCKER™. Additional innovative products from Allard: SWASH - Sitting-Walking-And-Standing-Hip Orthosis, Allard COMBO - for patients with genu-recurvatum combined with footdrop, CHECK™ - Comfortable-Hyper-Extension-Control-Knee orthosis, Kid-Dee-Lite™ - pediatric ROM ankle joint, X-Lite™ and 3D-LITE™ - low temperature thermoplastics (including LSO/TLSO/HFO Pre-cuts), and CSUS® - orthopedic supports from a company you trust!
Becker Orthopedic offers a wide range of specially sized pediatric orthoses and component parts, including the Cranial Remolding Orthosis, Becker Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (RGO), Mapleleaf Post-Operative Pediatric Hip Orthosis, Pediatric Thermoformable Ankle Joints and the Becker Pediatric Hip Abduction Orthosis. Our central fabrication department is also pleased to offer image transfer paper on all custom thermoplastic orthoses. Please visit our website or contact our customer service department for a full listing of the pediatric products we carry.
Cascade Dafo – Helping kids lead healthier, happier lives. Cascade Dafo, Inc. is the leader in design, innovation, and manufacture of dynamic orthoses for children and adults. Cascade is committed to providing lower-extremity bracing solutions that are unmatched in quality, fit, and function – complete with a full (90-Day) warranty.
Representing over 175 manufacturers and 35,000 products, Cascade has serviced the O&P community throughout North America for over 30 years. Besides having an outstanding customer service team, Cascade offers a 10% discount to new accounts for the first 6 months and has overnight delivery—at only ground rates to you!
The Kingsley Online Store is the only e-commerce site with the complete product lines from the finest names in orthotics and prosthetics. Orders placed online will be processed and shipped with the same care and speed that you have come to expect from Kingsley.
Orthomerica manufactures a wide variety of custom-to-measurement, custom-to-cast and prefabricated ankle-foot orthoses for both pediatric and adult populations. For over 20 years, Orthomerica has been manufacturing AFOs with every attention to detail in order to ensure proper fit and function. Every patient presents a unique challenge to the Orthotist in terms of determining the design, components, materials and trimlines to maximize positive clinical outcomes. These orthoses must fit intimately and be comfortable to wear. There are a variety of clinical indications and conditions that may require AFOs. As such, Orthomerica provides many different AFO solutions to fit you and your patient's specific needs.
Nothing seems less personal and caring than misfitting a child with an adult sized product. Specialize in children's care by using only appropriately designed and sized orthopedic products. "We Add Care To Technology"
Surestep provides a full range of custom-fit products for your pediatric patients. With uniquely flexible, proprietary plastic, you’ll receive orthoses designed for both stability and comfort. A two-day turnaround time is offered for products by measurement, four days by cast. And for even more customized solutions, Surestep features a complete central fabrication department.

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