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Proud to be recognized as your O&P Partner committed to customer satisfaction, development of innovative adult and pediatric orthotic devices, and reputation for honesty and integrity. Our position as worldwide leader in carbon composite AFO solutions began with 1997 introduction of ToeOFF®. To address specific patient needs – we developed Ypsilon™, BlueROCKER™, KiddieGAIT™ and KiddieROCKER™. Additional innovative products from Allard: SWASH - Sitting-Walking-And-Standing-Hip Orthosis, Allard COMBO - for patients with genu-recurvatum combined with footdrop, CHECK™ - Comfortable-Hyper-Extension-Control-Knee orthosis, Kid-Dee-Lite™ - pediatric ROM ankle joint, X-Lite™ and 3D-LITE™ - low temperature thermoplastics (including LSO/TLSO/HFO Pre-cuts), and CSUS® - orthopedic supports from a company you trust!
Aspen Medical Products is a leader in the development of award-winning, innovative spinal orthotics providing optimal pain relief, post-trauma stabilization, pre-and-post surgical stabilization and long-term patient care. Multiple bracing options are available that deliver unsurpassed motion restriction, superior comfort and an economic advantage, encouraging better patient compliance.
Becker Orthopedic manufactures a wide variety of spinal orthoses. Each one may be purchased in stock sizes or custom made to measurements. Becker Orthopedic also offers a full line of hyperextension TLSO's and LSO's, including the Becker Orthopedic Spinal System (B.O.S.S.). Please contact our customer service department or visit our website for complete ordering information and a full list of the spinal orthoses we carry.
Representing over 175 manufacturers and 35,000 products, Cascade has serviced the O&P community throughout North America for over 30 years. Besides having an outstanding customer service team, Cascade offers a 10% discount to new accounts for the first 6 months and has overnight delivery—at only ground rates to you!
The Kingsley Online Store is the only e-commerce site with the complete product lines from the finest names in orthotics and prosthetics. Orders placed online will be processed and shipped with the same care and speed that you have come to expect from Kingsley.
M.I.H. International LLC is the manufacturer of the M-brace line of orthopedic soft goods and the best LSO on the market. Our products are designed to offer maximum support while remaining comfortable and dry. Our advanced fabrics are neoprene, latex free and are breathable. Producing a higher rate of compliance.
Whether you're looking for prefabricated spinal braces or a custom spinal product fit to a specific patient need, we have the right spinal solution for you. Get exceptionally designed high-quality orthoses coupled with outstanding customer service & unparalleled clinical/technical support from our in-house team of certified orthotists and skilled technicians. Same-day shipment available on most products. Visit us online for a complete list of our PDAC-approved spinal product solutions.
From the Miami Lumbar® to the Papoose® Infant Immobilizer, the only cervical spine immobilizer for newborns, to the optimally-engineered Miami J® cervical collar, Össur's spinal orthotics combine tried and tested designs with functional innovations.
Spinal Solutions, a US-based international company providing custom rigid spinal orthotics; 24/7. Working with you to fill the needs of your patient.
Spinal Technology is a leading central fabricator of custom scoliosis and spinal orthoses. Our ABC-certified staff orthotists collaborate with highly skilled, experienced technicians to provide the highest-quality products, fastest delivery time (including weekends and holidays), as well as unparalleled customer support in the industry. Spinal Technology is the exclusive manufacturer of the Providence Scoliosis System, a nocturnal bracing system designed to prevent the progression of scoliosis, and the patented FlexFoam™ spinal orthosis. For more information, visit us on the web.
Westcoast Pectus Compressor

The Original Pectus Carinatum bracing solution is custom made based on a mold of a child's chest post-diagnosis. It gently applies pressure to the sternum, gradually correcting the structure of the chest wall as an alternative to surgical treatment.


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