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Becker Orthopedic offers a full line of prefabricated upper limb orthoses, including the Rancho, Mannerfelt and Maramed systems, as well as a variety of custom fabricated orthoses from our central fabrication department. Please contact our customer service department or visit our website for more information.
Custom fit prefabricated plastic orthoses, fracture braces and splints which are anatomically correct and functional. Clinically tested orthotics used in trauma, clinical and rehabilitative applications.
From the Form Fit® Shoulder, with both abduction and external rotation options, to the Innovator X® Post-Op Elbow, designed and patented to aid recovery by increasing patient compliance, Össur's upper limb orthotics are both clinically informed and user friendly. Furthermore, Össur's universal product offerings help reduce SKUs and streamline inventory and accounting.
Spinal Technology, Inc. is a leading central fabricator of Spinal orthotics, upper and lower limb orthotics and prosthetics. Our ABC Certified staff Orthotists / Prosthetists collaborate with highly skilled, experienced technicians to provide the highest quality products, fastest delivery time, including weekends & holidays, as well as unparalleled customer support in the industry.

Spinal Technology is the exclusive manufacturer of the Providence Scoliosis System, a nocturnal bracing system designed to prevent the progression of scoliosis, and the patented FlexFoam™ spinal orthoses.

For information contact: 800-253-7868; Fax: 888-775-0588;
E-Mail: info@spinaltech.com or visit our website at: www.spinaltech.com

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