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Our transcriptionists translate dictation into meaningful, accurate documentation for patient records and the medical community at large. At A+ Transcription, our MTs are dedicated and committed professionals providing, as our clients proclaim, - "exceptional service you can depend on". This results in physicians and clinicians saving valuable time, money, and the ability to focus on what they do best – providing excellent patient care. Visit our website or call (888) 589-8283 for more information.
The New RUSH81™ FOOT
by Ability Dynamics

Find out why CP's and amputee's are raving about the new RUSH™ low profile foot. Our Flexeon™ fiberglass composite is two times more flexible than carbon fiber and nearly indestructible. This translates into zero dead spots, zero repairs, reduced socket issues and higher patient satisfaction. All of which are good for your business – and your patient.

Our unique design ensures the most stable, natural K3 mobility and lifestyle experience for your patients. Try it and see for yourself.
Proud to be recognized as your O&P Partner committed to customer satisfaction, development of innovative adult and pediatric orthotic devices, and reputation for honesty and integrity. Our position as worldwide leader in carbon composite AFO solutions began with 1997 introduction of ToeOFF®. To address specific patient needs – we developed Ypsilon™, BlueROCKER™, KiddieGAIT™ and KiddieROCKER™. Additional innovative products from Allard: SWASH - Sitting-Walking-And-Standing-Hip Orthosis, Allard COMBO - for patients with genu-recurvatum combined with footdrop, CHECK™ - Comfortable-Hyper-Extension-Control-Knee orthosis, Kid-Dee-Lite™ - pediatric ROM ankle joint, X-Lite™ and 3D-LITE™ - low temperature thermoplastics (including LSO/TLSO/HFO Pre-cuts), and CSUS® - orthopedic supports from a company you trust!
Alps' goal is to deliver innovative products to customers and patients.  Since its founding in 1988, Alps has expanded its knowledge and became an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced gel-based products.  We pride ourselves on excellent product quality, outstanding customer service, and our ability to satisfy many customers needs.  We currently have three divisions: Prosthetic, Silicone, and Orthotic.  With 6 locations worldwide, we are able to serve most needs and market.
The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC) is the national certifying and accrediting body for the orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic professions. Since its inception in 1948, ABC has become the quality standard in orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic certification and today has more than 14,000 certified individuals and over 7,000 accredited facilities. ABC is the only credentialing board with Category I recognition from the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) in addition to accreditation of its orthotist, prosthetist and pedorthic certification programs by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). ABC is also recognized as a deemed authority for facility accreditation by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), Veteran's Administration, numerous major healthcare insurance providers, government agencies and HMO's throughout the United States.
Amfit has over two decades of specializing in custom foot orthotic technology and services. Our goals are to offer the clinician or technician complete control over design and outcome through intuitive software and high quality machines all built in the USA. With thousands of systems worldwide, trust Amfit with your custom foot orthotic needs.
Aspen Medical Products is a leader in the development of award-winning, innovative spinal orthotics providing optimal pain relief, post-trauma stabilization, pre-and-post surgical stabilization and long-term patient care. Multiple bracing options are available that deliver unsurpassed motion restriction, superior comfort and an economic advantage, encouraging better patient compliance.
Atlas is proud to announce its new e-commerce store.

Since 1991, we have supplied the O&P industry with materials, fabrication supplies, and equipment for any sized O&P lab or office.

Visit to day to set up your professional/wholesale account.
Founded in 1930, Ballert Orthopedic is one of the nation's oldest and most distinguished orthotic and prosthetic firms. In addition to supplying a full range of custom braces and artificial limbs, Ballert is a leading manufacturer of cranial molding helmets nationwide, backed by recent FDA clearance, and known for its seamless design, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing.
Becker Orthopedic offers a wide range of cervical orthoses, ranging from rigid to soft cervical collars, including our Four Post, Swivel Cervical Orthosis, Daytona Cervical Orthosis and the Balboa Collar. Please contact our customer service department or visit our website for more information.
offers solutions from manufacturing to a complete line of products and services designed and supported by us for all industries. Our clinical, engineering, and manufacturing staff are the most comprehensive team of professionals available to solve your clinical and business needs.
Considered the blue ribbon of credentialing for over 30 years, BOC equips you and your business with nationally recognized, in-demand credentials. All of BOC's O&P certification programs have National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation. BOC partners with O&P and DME facilities, including pharmacies, that provide Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS), by offering accreditation that evidences compliance with standards set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and various state boards. BOC's award-winning staff will support you with one-on-one guidance throughout the process of earning certification or accrediting your facility. Worry-free surveys and flexible continuing education programs were created with you in mind. Learn more at
Cascade Dafo, Inc. is the leader in design, innovation, and manufacture of dynamic orthoses for children and adults. Cascade is committed to providing lower-extremity bracing solutions that are unmatched in quality, fit, and function – complete with a full (90-Day) warranty.
Representing over 175 manufacturers and 35,000 products, Cascade has serviced the O&P community throughout North America for over 30 years. Besides having an outstanding customer service team, Cascade offers a 10% discount to new accounts for the first 6 months and has overnight delivery—at only ground rates to you!
CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC provides full service practice management and medical billing and compliance services for healthcare practices. Drawing upon the firm’s deep experience in the highly-regulated Orthotics and Prosthetics industry, CBS specializes in solving complicated medical billing and revenue cycle challenges, to stabilize and stimulate cash flow and profitability for all types of medical practices throughout the U.S.
Coapt, LLC develops and produces pattern recognition controllers specifically designed to provide a more intuitive, natural myoelectric control option for powered prosthesis users. Coapt systems are designed to work with commercially available upper limb prosthetic elbows, wrists, and terminal devices and are fit seamlessly to new prostheses or retrofit to existing devices. Coapt's pattern recognition technology uses greater information from users' muscle signals, dramatically improving the function and adoption of the prosthesis, and is suitable is cases where using conventional myoelectric electrodes presents challenges.
College Park Industries designs and manufactures a full line of anatomically correct, customizable prosthetic foot and ankle systems. Our tagline for the past 25 years, “Technology for the Human Race”, encapsulates our passion for creating new benchmarks in prosthetic design and restoring maximum function for lower limb amputees of all ages and activity levels.
Super Shear Gel Liner
The newest Fitting Management tool for Elevated Vacuum! A very conformable & soft mineral oil gel liner, ideal solution to provide relief over bony prominent areas or to give a slight improvement in socket fit. Two gel liners per package and three widths to accommodate virtually any size. The Super Shear Gel Liners are 14” in length and can be trimmed to shorter lengths. Call for more information 800-822-7500 or email at
Coyote Design is the first to develop a dual suspension, airtight pin lock that is water resistant, the first to develop a zero clearance lock that controls rotation, and the first to develop an elevated vacuum compatible lock. And now, Coyote Design has released a safe and tough alternative for carbon braid.
For over 70 years, Curbell Plastics has been one of the nation’s premier suppliers of plastic materials, including over 2 decades serving the orthotics and prosthetics industry. Curbell recently acquired American Plastics and O&P Enterprises. These organizations have a long history of providing high-quality fabrication supplies and superior technical assistance. Curbell Plastics, American Plastics, and O&P Enterprises offer a large assortment of orthotic and prosthetic plastics, in a variety of sizes, shipped from locations across the US.
DJO Global provides solutions for musculoskeletal and vascular health, rehabilitation and pain management as well as joint reconstruction. Our products help prevent injury, rehabilitate after injury or surgery, or manage progression of degenerative disease, enabling patients to keep moving and to return to a healthier lifestyle. Visit
Dr. Comfort offers a full line of extra depth shoes, inserts, socks and compression hosiery for diabetics. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and comfort in extra depth shoes. We deliver products which ensure true comfort, style and customer satisfaction. Call us at 800-992-3580 or take a look at
ENDOLITE IS COMMITTED to help those who face mobility and quality of life challenges through continued research, innovation and design of prosthetics that enable amputees to get busy living. We are dedicated to providing a valuable and positive experience to our customers and listening to their feedback in order to continually improve our service and products. As the world's leader in prosthetics, our goal is nothing less than to open up the world to amputees so that they can get busy living.
For 20 years, ESP has been a leader in product innovation and we have pioneered some of today's most utilized liner and suspension products. Our introduction of the Original Preflexed Liner, as well as the ESP Lyn Valve and the NEW Opti-Seal ™ suspension system, are just a few of the products that have become the standard of use in prosthetics.

For more information on ESP and to see our commitment to you, visit, or call 888-932-7377.
Originated in 1914 as Red Star Pharmacy by George Fillauer Sr., the Fillauer Companies, Inc. has transformed into an international orthotic and prosthetic company leading in technical advances and customer service. The Fillauer Companies, Inc. are composed of the subsidiaries Fillauer LLC, Hosmer Dorrance Corporation, Motion Control, Center for Orthotics Design, Centri, and the Trautman brand of equipment. Together the Fillauer Companies manufacture, distribute and custom fabricate a wide range of orthotic and prosthetic products including the DuraShock pylon, the Oscillator knee, the Utah Arm 3, the Isocentric RGO, the revolutionary Thermo Formable Composite and the Variable Speed Carver.
An O&P manufacturer whose principal products the APOPPS and APOPPS-TF are the original, patented, prefabricated rehabilitation post-op/preparatory prosthesis for Transtibial and Transfemoral amputees. These are the only systems that provide Proximal and Distal, AP, ML and Circumference adjustments and shaping as a standard feature in the regular daily use of the sockets and are available in sizes ranging from small children to very large adults with same day custom services M-F.
Freedom Innovations, LLC designs, manufactures, and markets worldwide advanced technology lower limb prosthetic solutions that allows amputees to step beyond their limitations and enter a new world of freedom and confidence. With thirteen issued patents and eighteen product brands sold in over 40 countries, our prosthetic devices lead the industry in both reputation and performance.
Featured Products: Plie, Kinterra, Renegade, DynAdapt, Runway, Silhouette, Pacifica, WalkTek
is a full service organization. We can install a complete turnkey package to fit your needs and get you up and running with a minimum amount of setup time. O.P.S. Software is designed to meet the needs of the Orthotic and Prosthetic practice, going beyond the bounds of other systems. It becomes the central repository for all of your patients' data. See how Futura can bring you the tools and technology that you need to achieve the competitive edge. You can't afford not to!
G&W Heel Lift has been serving the healthcare professions for almost 50 years. The company was founded for the purpose of supplying better quality heel lifts in order to help your patients walk better and feel better.
We are proud of our service, products, technical help, and our customer satisfaction.
Hersco is a full line Central Fab Facility. We make a complete range of devices including Custom Foot Orthotics, AFOs, Richie Braces, Ankle Gauntlets, and Traditional Metal & Leather Uprights. We have a passion for Service and Quality that extends over 75 years. Our lab accepts digital scans and digital files. We are 1st in Customer Satisfaction and Orthopedic Excellence.
The Dream Brace
The Dream Brace represents a major advancement in articulating AFO technologies and can only be purchased in the United States through Infinite Technologies Orthotics and Prosthetics. The bi-plate clutch design allows patients to ambulate safely with a natural gait – even on slopes! Traditional AFOs hinder ankle movement, which initiates shorter strides and adverse gait compensations. The Dream Brace is ideal for patients with drop foot, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy or dystonia. This brace is available in size small, medium, large or extra-large with an adjustable plantar flexion stop selection. The ankle joint can be sold separately for custom fabrication. Don’t take our word for it though, read what people are saying about it on our website!
is dedicated to advancing the integration between high end lower extremity orthotic design and carbon composite technology.
The Kingsley Online Store is the only e-commerce site with the complete product lines from the finest names in orthotics and prosthetics. Orders placed online will be processed and shipped with the same care and speed that you have come to expect from Kingsley.
Knit-Rite, Inc. is a leading designer, marketer, and manufacturer of innovative textiles. For more than 85 years we have worked with practitioners to advance textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort. We remain committed to the continued research and development and are proud to serve orthotists and prosthetists with the widest array of options to help provide patients the best quality of life possible.
distributes the RSLSteeper Advanced Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (ARGO) in the U.S. This is a state-of-the-art orthosis for paraplegic patients. It enables users to stand and ambulate with the aid of a walker or arm crutches. This system offers several unique features; single reciprocal drive cable, pneumatic extension-assist knee joints and modular construction. LTI provides fully adjustable assessment units for evaluating and qualify patients before making a commitment to purchase a definitive orthosis.
At LIM Innovations we aim to improve the human physical condition for amputees with socket technology designed for comfort and performance.

The Infinite Socket demonstrates an approach to prosthetic technology development that starts with addressing the user's needs and clinician's demands, while offering advanced technical solutions combined with unique design advantages.
has represented scores of business owners in a wide variety of fields. Services include: Business Valuation, Negotiating Price & Terms, and Documentation. Lloyds will insulate you from the process while attempting to produce your desired results.
Custom fit prefabricated plastic orthoses, fracture braces and splints which are anatomically correct and functional. Clinically tested orthotics used in trauma, clinical and rehabilitative applications.
M.I.H. International LLC is the manufacturer of the M-brace line of orthopedic soft goods and the best LSO on the market. Our products are designed to offer maximum support while remaining comfortable and dry. Our advanced fabrics are neoprene, latex free and are breathable. Producing a higher rate of compliance.
Motion Control, a Fillauer Company, is the leading US manufacturer of external powered, upper extremity components. Since 1981, Motion Control has provided products such as the U3, U3+ and Utah Hybrid Elbow, the MC Hand, and the water-resistant ETD, providing unparalleled function in a robust terminal device. The MC Electric Wrist provides twice the speed and torque as previous devices, is 5 db quieter than any other wrist, and can be used with the MC Flexion and Multi-Flex wrist for additional function. ProPlus devices place microprocessor control in each device, allowing interchangeability with other manufacturers’ terminal devices, wrist units, etc.
nora systems, Inc. is the US division of the German company nora systems GmbH. The North American headquarters are located in Salem, NH, where we stock a wide range of pedorthic materials, made in Germany. As an international company we offer practical trainings on EVA and shoe modification material in our training center in Salem, NH. No matter, if you are using light cell EVA or rubber soling material... nora provides you with a wide, colorful & certified range of products.
O&P1 is an independent, central fabrication company whose employees are committed to giving you the fastest and highest quality service. Our company is large enough to do your work and small enough to make you a priority. is the leading online information resource for orthotics and prosthetics information.
OPIE Software is the industry standard for complete practice management in orthotics and prosthetics. Designed exclusively for the O&P field, OPIE provides clinical management forms and workflow, automated work-in-progress tracking, fabrication management, purchasing, and many other features that are not found in any other systems. OPIE also breaks new ground in billing and collections.
From our beginning in 1989 as a manufacturer of prefabricated orthoses, Orthomerica® has evolved into a worldwide leader in the design, development and fabrication of customizable product solutions that fit you and/or your patient's specific needs. Even though our scope of product offerings has broadened, our mission remains the same. Offer innovative products of exceptional quality, and support those products with a highly knowledgeable team who are always committed to delivering you outstanding customer service and exceeding your expectations with every order. Contact us today for a comprehensive array of prefabricated and custom upper/lower extremity, spinal and hip products to help improve patient care and maximize clinical outcomes.
OPGA remains the largest network of independent O&P facilities in the country. For 20 years OPGA has been focused on offering services and products that help members operate more efficiently and increase profitability.
For over 40 years, Össur has partnered with medical professionals to help individuals of all activity levels pursue a “Life Without Limitations.” In addition to business services and educational opportunities, Össur develops products that help improve peoples’ mobility. From Iceross® liners to the innovative Pro-Flex® family of prosthetic feet to award-winning Bionic and Functional Healing products to clinically-proven Unloader osteoarthritis bracing, we manufacture a comprehensive line of innovative, non-invasive mobility solutions.
Your goal is to provide the best possible outcome for your patient. Ottobock’s full range of high-quality, individualized solutions fit every lifestyle and will help you give your patients the function and reliability they need. Established in 1919 in Germany, in the U.S. in 1958 and in Canada in 1978, Ottobock continues its commitment to help people retain and increase their physical independence.
Paceline, formerly Rx Textiles and SPT Technologies, supplies high quality, innovative fabrics and lamination supplies, backed by exceptional service.
The industry leader in cosmetic enhancement for Orthotics & Prosthetics. Our goal is to raise the self esteem of every child who needs to wear an orthotic device, such as a leg brace, by cosmetically enhancing these devices with the child's favorite cartoon character and/or sports team logo. Give a kid a Positive Image today!
A technical services center specializing in the fabrication of prosthetic sockets and CAD/CAM services. Read about our Socket Sense Program, a smart and cost effective alternative to traditional socket fabrication.
Full service orthotic and prosthetic central fabrication, featuring TracerCad and ShapeMaker. The industry's most experienced CAD professionals on staff.
Nothing seems less personal and caring than misfitting a child with an adult sized product. Specialize in children's care by using only appropriately designed and sized orthopedic products. "We Add Care To Technology"
Our company specializes in Business-to-Business Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Special Event Promotion, and Media Relations. We do everything it takes to help client companies fulfill their marketing goals.
Manufacturer of a wide variety of stretch prosthetic socks in both CoolMax® materials and in wool. Our socks feature reinforced toe area, tight stitch pattern and an anti-unravel stitch. We offer a Hemipelvectomy/Hip Disarticulation Sock that is seamless with a knitted leg in our CoolMax/Lycra combination, and we also carry brace interfaces for all kinds of orthotics. All of our products are made in the USA by "The Company That Cares."
Spinal Technology, Inc. is a leading central fabricator of Spinal orthotics, upper and lower limb orthotics and prosthetics. Our ABC Certified staff Orthotists / Prosthetists collaborate with highly skilled, experienced technicians to provide the highest quality products, fastest delivery time, including weekends & holidays, as well as unparalleled customer support in the industry.

Spinal Technology is the exclusive manufacturer of the Providence Scoliosis System, a nocturnal bracing system designed to prevent the progression of scoliosis, and the patented FlexFoam™ spinal orthoses.

For information contact: 800-253-7868; Fax: 888-775-0588;
E-Mail: or visit our website at:
provides an extensive array of prosthetic feet to cover the needs of the very athletic amputee demanding performance feet, to the everyday comfort needs of household ambulators. Whether you are searching for the newest and greatest products to hit the market, or tried and true products, SPS has what you are looking for.
TRS Inc. Prosthetics designs, manufactures and sells high performance, body-powered, upper extremity, voluntary closing prehensors and bio-mechanical hands and components. TRS is also the world leader in specialized activity specific and sports and recreational prosthetic terminal devices and accessories.
TheraTogs orthotic garment systems improve postural alignment, trunk and joint stability, gait and function. Your clients can "wear it, live it, learn it" - now with code-verified reimbursement! TheraTogs are used worldwide for functional and sensorimotor training for clients with developmental disabilities, and rehabilitation following brain injury, stroke, orthopedic or neurosurgery.
Tidwell’s Orthotics is dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality in custom fabrication. Since our establishment in 1997, we have worked hard to achieve and maintain this goal.
is a leading manufacturer of knee braces and orthotic products for patients compromised by injuries or osteoarthritis. Through published studies and personal use, physicians, certified orthotists and physical therapists consistently designate Townsend Design as the top performing knee brace manufacturer. The defining feature of Townsend's products is our patented hinge motion which sports medicine professionals generally regard as the closest replication of the true anatomical motion of the knee.
Ultraflex areas of specialty include therapeutic/stretching bracing with precise dynamic stimulus and proper posturing for challenging neurological presentations, functional bracing with Adjustable Dynamic Response™ (ADR™) for managing gait dysfunction, post-surgical protection and structural LOM bracing for complex orthopedic rehabilitation. Ultraflex FDA Class I braces are available only through a physician's prescription and are fitted by certified orthotists. Education via WebEx available on our website.
Canfit by Vorum Research Corporation
Vorum continues to lead the way in CAD/CAM innovation for the P&O and Footwear industries. We help streamline your processes from measurement intake to design and output through fabrication and manufacturing. Our products are designed to solve the automation needs of our clients, from the single practitioner clinics to the large central fabrication sites and industrial manufacturers.
Restoring Bodies, Rebuilding Lives
Westcoast Brace & Limb creates customized, life-like artificial limbs and braces for people with amputations and skeletal or muscular conditions. For over 40 years, our team has created high-tech custom prosthetics and orthotics that have helped more than 250,000 patients restore their bodies and rebuild their lives.

A referral is the greatest compliment we can receive. Thank you for your trust and support.
Caring about you and your patients has been the primary focus of WillowWood since the company was founded in 1907. We’re dedicated to being an innovative product developer, foremost in customer care, a generous and caring corporate citizen, and a great place to work.

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