Alpha® Classic MP Liner - Cushion

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The Alpha® Classic MP Liner is the powerhouse core of the Alpha® Liner Family. Since its introduction in 1996 the Alpha® Classic Liner has brought comfort and protection to amputees worldwide.

Made from thermoplastic elastomer, the Alpha® Classic Gel gently adheres to the skin to protect against abrasion and breakdown while also proving to be extremely skin-friendly. The Alpha® CLassic Gel is covered in a layer of durable fabric that helps to extend the life of the liner and makes it very easy for amputees to slide into their sockets. The Alpha® Classic MP Liner is heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to easily customize the liner within their facilities.


Model Original
Type Cushion
Styles Uniform
Colors Original (Green and Grey)
Thickness 6 mm
Sizes Small, Medium, Medium Plus,
Large, Large Plus, Extra Large
U.S. L-Code
L-5679 (billed once per liner)