Alpha® Classic Liner with Original Fabric - Cushion

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The Alpha® Classic Liner with Original Fabric led the prosthetic world into a whole new level of comfort in 1996. This unique limb and skin protection interface surrounds the residual limb in a layer of skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based gel. Made from thermoplastic elastomer (not silicone or urethane!), the gel gently adheres to the skin to protect against abrasion and breakdown while also proving to be extremely skin-friendly. The Alpha® Classic Gel is covered in a layer of durable fabric that helps to extend the life of the liners and makes it very easy for amputees to slide into their sockets.

In order to provide maximum amputee comfort and socket fit, Alpha® Classic Liners are available in three gel thicknesses as well as six sizes to adapt to the amputee's limb circumference. Additionally, the medium, medium-plus, and large sizes are available in three distinct styles of gel patterns to accommodate various limb shapes with additional comfort. Alpha® Classic Cushion Liners are ideal for use in suction sockets with the Alpha® Suction Pro, Suction Pyramid, or Suction Spacer Plate.

Use the thickest liner that is comfortable for the patient. The 6mm and 9mm liners provide the most cushioning for the amputee, and are often the best choice (NOTE: the 6mm uniform style is only available under Classic MP - see related products below). The 3mm liner is useful at times when at least 3mm of shrinkage is expected, so that you can move the amputee into thicker liners as the shrinkage progresses. All liners are the original green/gray color.

A new socket should be fabricated, according to instructions, for best use of Alpha® Classic Liners.


Styles Uniform
Tapered (Medium, Medium Plus, and Large Only)    
Contoured (Medium, Medium Plus, Large Only)
Thickness 3mm (Uniform and Tapered Only)
6mm (Uniform available under Classic MP)
Sizes Small
Medium Plus
Large Plus
Extra Large
U.S. L-Code
L-5679 (billed once per liner)