Alpha® Classic AK Liner - Locking

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Transfemoral (AK) amputees often have very specific needs for additional socket padding to accommodate sensitive areas. The Alpha® Classic AK Liner takes this fact into account with the creation of a specific AK gel style and the incorporation of the skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based Alpha® Classic gel. The liner has 9 mm of gel distally, tapering to 3 mm proximally-with a built-in gel pad to protect the often-sensitive femur. This extra gel pad provides a total of 9 mm of gel at the distal lateral aspect of each liner. The Alpha® Classic AK Liner is also heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to customize the liner within their facilities easily.

The Alpha® Classic AK Locking Liner was specifically designed to be used with a shuttle lock and a 10 mm pin to allow for increased security and peace of mind. In addition, the locking liner features fabric that limits vertical pistoning movement.

A new socket should be fabricated, according to instructions, for best use of the Alpha® Liner. Sockets can be made quickly and easily with the OMEGA® Tracer® System. Precise and comfortable fitting sockets are created with state-of-the-art 3-D shape capture techniques and modification tools that offer both prosthetists and amputees amazing time-saving possibilities.


Styles Uniform
Colors Buff
Sizes Medium Plus
Large Plus
Extra Large
U.S. L-Code
L-5673 (billed once per liner)