Alpha Basic™ Liner - Locking

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Alpha Basic Liners retrofit with other common liner profiles, giving amputees unfamiliar with Alpha the opportunity to experience its revolutionary comfort. By pairing our Alpha Classic gel with a flexible fabric designed specifically to meet the needs of low-activity amputees, we've created a liner that is easy to don and doff, gentle on the knee when bending or sitting, and non-constrictive to the residual limb. For use in transtibial or transfemoral applications, the liner is provided in a 6 mm Symetrical profile. The locking liner features one-way stretch Select fabric distally to minimize pistoning without a constrictive distal matrix. For sizes 32, 38, and 44, a large umbrella is available for transfemoral use or for large, fleshy residual limbs. Note: drying stands are not included with Alpha Basic Liners.