Unique in its blend of lightweight construction and low price, this SACH foot is an affordable choice for the Level 1 or 2 ambulator. Available in an attractive, lightweight, water-resistant cosmesis, the OWW SACH Foot offers a lightweight composite keel, flexible toe belting with three toe resistances, two heel heights, and interchangeable heel inserts. All three heel inserts are included with each foot.


Weight 475 g (1.08 lb)*
Patient Weight Limit 250 lbs./115 kg**
U.S. L-Code
Heel Height 3/4" (18mm)
3/8" (10mm)
Available Sizes 22 to 31cm
Toe Resistance Low
Heel Insert Densities    Soft
(All three are included with each foot)
Cosmesis Lifelike; Buff, Tan, or Medium Brown color
Accessories Titanium Foot Pyramid (for endoskeletal applications)
Interface Plate (for use with exoskeletal applications)   

* Based on size 26cm foot.
** Body weight plus any loads normally or routinely carried by the amputee cannot exceed this weight limit.

General Guidelines

The patient's body weight plus any loads normally or routinely carried must not exceed 250 lbs. (115 kg). This "modified body weight" is used to determine toe resistance. If the "modified body weight" exceeds 250 lbs. (115 kg), the Magnum Foot, Impulse Foot, or Pathfinder Foot is recommended.

Use the patient's foot size and "modified body weight" to determine the recommended toe resistance from the chart below. If the patient is CMS level 3 or 4, increase the toe resistance to the next higher resistance, or consider a dynamic response foot.

Foot Size Low (2) Regular (3) High (4)
22 - 31cm 130 lbs. and below 131 - 180 lbs. 181 - 250 lbs.
  59 kg and below 60 - 81 kg 82 - 115 kg