Ossur Introduces the Ceterus™

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The Ceterus™
The Ceterus™

The Ceterus™, a new prosthetic foot from Ossur's Flex-Foot® product line, mimics the body's natural twisting motion, providing responsive rotation for a smoother range of motion.

As the user pivots on the foot, the Torsion Control Cell™ is gradually twisted and compressed, providing a steady, elastic movement with no abrupt stops. Both rotary forces on the knee joint and shear forces on the residual limb are reduced, allowing amputees to fully enjoy numerous activities.

The Ceterus features a built-in vertical shock pylon which absorbs impact to the residual limb during the entire stance phase and is fully adjustable for optimized function. The slim profile of the Ceterus is easy to cosmetically finish. The foot is ideal for amputees weighing up to 325 lbs (146 kg) with low and moderate impact levels.

For more information, contact: Ossur Michelle Hamilton 949.362.3883 mhamilton@flexfoot.com