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OP-FULL Offset Plate New from Prosthetic Design, Inc. (PDI), the full 1.418" Offset Plate, or OP-FULL, is a hard anodized aluminum endoskeletal component that can be used to obtain proper alignment in lower limb prostheses. The OP-FULL can offset towards Anterior, Posterior, Medial or Lateral. According to PDI, the OP-FULL may be used to achieve a safer alignment for a Transfemoral amputee by offsetting the socket towards Anterior with respect to the knee-shin system. The OP-FULL is constructed of 3/8" thick hard anodized aluminum, is rated to 220 lbs normal gait activity, weighs only 4 ounces, has a hole for locking pin protrusion, and can interface between most socket and lower extremity endoskeletal systems that utilize a standard European 4-hole pattern.

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