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Free-Magic" brand fastener is a single component hook and loop fastener. Free-Magic is made by weaving alternating rows of nylon hook and loop on the same surface thus transforming into a one-piece, adjustable fastening system.

Benefits Include:

" No sewing needed.
" Reduced lint contamination.
" Eliminates color variations due to different dye lots of hook and loop.
" Fast and efficient, you control the length of the material used; you are always assured of proper fit and function.
" Can be used as an instant face-strap, which can be custom-fitted to the patient. 
" Sizes: 5/8" = .60 per yard

3/4" = .60 per yard
1" = .70 per yard 
1 1/2" = $1.55 per yard
2" = $1.65 per yard

For more information or to place an order, contact:

WBC Industries, Inc.
625 Central Avenue, Westfield, NJ 07090
800.818.2932 " fax: 908.232.5219