SPS Introduces New Locks, medipro Knee Joints and Liner

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The unique Loc-n-Load" AK lock by Creative Components" is now exclusively available from SPS.

The AK Loc-n-Load is the first and ONLY AK lock available in the O&P Industry. The AK Loc-n-Load is preflexed at 4.5 degrees and has a posterior offset 5/8" (1.5 cm) to allow easier alignment of the leg. The lock housing is anodized and wear surfaces are heat-treated for long life and durability.

It requires no special tools and is applicable for either thermoplastic or laminating fabrication techniques. A BK version* is also available.

Due to the long life and durability of the Loc-n-Load, O&P facilities using the unit have reported significant savings in both material and labor costs.

*Patents pending for both AK and BK versions of the Loc-n-Load lock.

Medipro Knee Joints

SPS introduces the medipro® Family of Knee Joints to the US O&P community. All the knees are designed for amputees of low to medium activity levels (K1-K2). The knee joints are lightweight, yet highly durable, and provide stable, fluid motion with various control options.

OP2 is a unique 4-bar polycentric joint designed to provide smooth, fluid motion. Resistant adjustments for flexion and extension are independently controlled to allow maximum synchronization with the amputee's stride and cadence. OP2 has independent swing phase flexion and extension resistances in a low-profile design.

OP3 is the ONLY single axis weight-activated locking knee with pneumatic swing phase control available in the United States. Made of lightweight metal alloys, this unique knee joint couples safety and stability with the fluid motion and smooth gait produced by a pneumatically controlled knee. 

OFM1 Locking Knee is a low-profile 4 bar polycentric joint which features added versatility by incorporating either manual locking OR manual friction swing phase control. It also provides adjustable friction swing phase control and adjustable extension assist.

The OM8 Polycentric Knee addresses the needs of geriatric and low-activity amputees (K1-K2). At 430g, the OM8 is an ultra-lightweight unit applicable for amputees weighing up to 100 kg/220 lbs.

Medipro Protect Liner

Extending the selection of medipro® liners available in the US, SPS announces the exclusive US distribution of the medipro® Protect liner. The semi-permeable membrane assures a soothing, soft interface specially formulated for users with conical limb shapes, less soft tissue distally, and highly sensitive skin, resulting in less skin friction for easier donning/doffing.

As an added incentive to try the new line of medipro knee joints and the new Protect liner, SPS is offering a free denim shirt with the purchase of any of the medipro knees or any combination of three medipro liners (Protect, Sensitive or Soft) with orders placed between September 1, 2002, and December 31, 2002. There is no limit on the number of free shirts an office or facility may receive.

For more information contact:

Molly Taylor
800.767.7776 " fax 800.869.7776