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TRS Inc. of Boulder, Colorado, is pleased to introduce an entirely new line of products called "Little Feet." Little Feet are designed to meet the needs of infants and very young children. Little Feet are a bolt-on SACH type design with unique energy dynamics and flexible toes. They are soft to the touch but very stable. A specially designed, removable heel plug provides improved "barefoot" cosmesis. Little Feet are constructed using a proprietary elastomer bonded to a wood core/keel. Little Feet are available in three sizes: 10, 11 and 12 cm and in three colors: Tan, Medium Brown and Dark Complexion. They are competitively priced and available for shipment.

For detailed information or to order, contact:

TRS Inc.
3090 Sterling Circle, Studio A
Boulder, CO, USA 80301
800.279.1865 " 303.444.4720 " fax: 303.444.5372