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Compressogrip A/K Shrinkers

Knit-Rite announces its most recent innovation, the new Compressogrip A/K Shrinker. These A/K Shrinkers for transfemoral applications provide the same advantages you have enjoyed for decades with Knit-Rite's original B/K Compressogrip Shrinker. The A/K version adds clinical efficacy, lower cost, and greatly reduced inventory compared with other similar products.

Knit-Rite has developed a fabric for the Compressogrip AK that features stretch in all directions for improved fitting qualities with transfemoral applications. Additionally, increased power in the elastic provides a slightly heavier fabric than that used for the B/K Compressogrip Shrinkers. The Compressogrip AK features a sliding belt design for universal right or left applications and is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

New Power Pull Donning Sock

Knit-Rite now offers the Power Pull Donning Sock. The Power Pull is made of a slicker, more supple fabric for the easiest donning ever. The single-piece integral design provides a more direct and effective pull transfer and eliminates stress points for a more durable product. This design is far superior to the common pull-sock design.

The Power Pull is easy to use. Simply reflect the inner layer into the outer layer, don the Power Pull on the limb, insert the "tail" through the valve hole, and pull in with the greatest of ease. Power Pull is easy to care for too. Simply machine wash cool, no bleach, and air dry flat.

Advance Orthopedic Footwear by Soletech

Knit-Rite announces the availability of Advance Orthopedic Footwear by Soletech. Advance represents an evolution in adjustable depth inlay shoes. The goal in development was to offer the most comfortable shoe possible while paying attention to the little details, which can be most irritating to a patient with foot problems.

The EVA shell is lightweight, instantly flexible, and provides excellent cushioning, while the rubber outsole resists abrasion, oil, and is slip resistant. The Advance last provides maximum depth and adjustability for a wide range of feet. Three different insoles are included for flexibility in the fitting; and are also easily removable to accommodate custom orthoses and AFOs.

A fully padded collar with a notch to accommodate the Achilles is positioned to comfortably align with the medial anklebone which is slightly forward of the lateral anklebone. A padded tongue extends to fit more snugly, assuring a more secure fit. Soft supple upper leathers and pigskin leather linings are breathable. Available with Velcro closure, or with D-rings for ease in lacing up the shoe.

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