TAD Reveals N∞Abler V Five-Function Wrist

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The new Body-Powered Five-Function Wrist is designed to enable upper-extremity amputees flexibility in daily living. A quick-disconnect allows easy changes to a body-powered hook, passive hand, or a specialty terminal device such as the NAbler II" terminal device and the entire range of NAbler II adapted tools.


  • " Quick disconnect/flexion/extension/supination/pronation 290º ball-bearing rotation with 14 locking positions 50º flexion with three locking positions
  • " Cable-operated locks allowing momentary or alternating function
  • " Easy installation on 50mm forearms
  • " Interchanges to USMC lamination ring
  • " Integral quick-disconnect for changing terminal devices
  • " Remote cable mounting/flexion/rotation locks
  • " 185 grams

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