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Heavy, rigid spinal orthotics and the elderly are like oil and water; they just don't mix. Many of our senior citizens are unwilling or unable to tolerate a traditional, rigid spinal orthosis. Thus the old "compliance" issue rears its ugly head. But alas! There is a solution.

The principal advantage of the "OrthoLite" is the weight reduction (20 percent) over a traditional, rigid spinal orthotic. The three-part laminate consists of a soft liner, a thin inner frame, and a semi-rigid outer shell. The inner frame has windows cut for a.s.i.s., rib and spinal relief.

The "OrthoLite" is available as a LSO or a TLSO. It can be fabricated as one piece or as a bivalve and ordered custom to measurement or cast or as a prefabricated product.

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