Don’t Want to Hop? Stomp Instead.

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Sometimes putting on a prosthesis just to move from point A to point B is more than necessary; yet hopping between points isn't exactly the safest option to suggest to your patients. Now there is a simple, safe, and economical alternative for all the amputees in your practice - the StomperTMand Stomper JrTM available from SPS.

Designed for use in and around the water, Stomper and Stomper Jr are the perfect prosthetic solution for use in a shower, at the beach, or in the pool. It may also be used during static fitting of test sockets to facilitate ease of mobility in and around your facility.

The Stomper Jr easily attaches to 30mm and 34mm pylon systems, or Stomper can also fit on a 2 (OD) PVC pipe, and both are available in red, blue, and black color.

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