PolyGel Launches ThermoTecc

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The Hottest Profit Center for Your Practice

ThermoTecc™ is the new heat-moldable orthotic system that saves you time and money. ThermoTecc orthotics provide maximum performance with a thin, full-length anatomically designed shell. The very dense 75-durometer lightweight EVA combines a flat bottom for stability with an extended longitudinal arch for mid-stance control and a lateral wall for better control. A deep heel seat with minimal heel raise allows for better biomechanical function, while the cuboid support minimizes lateral foot pain. The very thin and durable forefoot provides added control and is great for use in all types of footwear.

ThermoTecc can be purchased as moldable shells or as a complete device with the addition of a PTecLT™ cushioning mid layer and anti-odor, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal BambooTecc™ top cover. Firm, 70-durometer posting strips and heel pads are available for further customizing your device. ThermoTecc footbeds are easy to cut, grind, and glue and are easy to trim to sulcus or proximal to met heads, minimizing the need for additional inventory. ThermoTecc is the most versatile and flexible orthotic system available.

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