PEL Offers Edison Intelligent Vacuum Suspension System

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Orthocare Innovations' Edison™ provides a truly quiet experience for patients. Its large-bore piston eliminates vibration noises associated with other electronic vacuums. The protective, insulated casing that houses the in-line pump further reduces sounds.

Edison automatically adjusts vacuum levels to meet a range of activities. It increases vacuum pressure when activity demands, and assures optimal comfort when higher levels of vacuum are not required. Edison allows the prosthetist to customize settings or to select from one of three standard activity profiles so socket pressure remains within the desired ranges for each patient's individual requirements.

US Patent: 8,007,543 Orthocare Innovations, LLC. Other US and Foreign Patents Pending. US Patents: 7,914,586; 7,947,085; 8,016,892 Under License From Ohio Willow Wood Company.

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