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Titan O&P Fabrications is an ABC-accredited central fabrication facility that specializes in prosthetics. At Titan, we work to stand out in quality and craftsmanship. We look at ourselves as an extension of your business. We always say, "Team Up With Team  Titan." In the current day and age, teamwork makes the dream work. For sports teams to win championships, each part of the team has to bring their expertise to the field. Same goes in the business world. We are here to be part of your team. Team Titan is your specialty team that devotes our time to provide quality and reliable prosthetic fabrication. At your practice, focus on patients and patient care, focus on the business and your business strategies, and focus on your relationships with doctors and surgeons. Team Titan will focus on fabricating your prostheses with high-quality materials, customized to your work order and at a dependable fabrication time. We specialize in prosthetic fabrication because we streamline the process and are experts in prosthetic fabrication. To learn more about Titan, visit our website or email