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Kids rule! A first of its kind, the Pediatric Formula Foot is a high-performance, customizable, pediatric foot that grows with the child. The innovative slotted pylon allows up to one inch of vertical growth, while replaceable, split-toe foot plates accommodate increasing foot sizes. The Pediatric Formula Foot is transforming pediatric prostheses for kids who require exceptional performance and flexibility. Let them be little. Let them play big.

Fillauer is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and custom fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic products used to treat pediatric limb loss, limb difference, and diseases such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and club foot. Fillauer's pediatric prosthetic product line includes the Aeris Activity (Syme's/Boyd), AllPro feet, Hosmer hooks, and the MightyMite line that features a four-bar knee, adapters, and pylons. The RGO and custom torticollis collar highlight Fillauer's specialized, pediatric orthotic product line.

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