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February 2004 Issue

February 2004

edit post ABC/BOC Unification Discussions: Will They Impact O&P Education? by Judith Philipps Otto February 1, 2004 Robin Seabrook, executive director of the National Commission on Orthotic & Prosthetic Education

Hanger RFD: Helping Colombia’s Poor and Desperate

Common street scene-kids like this find a familiar corner to call home for the night in most undeveloped cities worldwide. We motor into the refugee camp near Barranquilla, Colombia, laden

Healing Hands for Haiti Minnesota Team

Posing for their photo are the 2003 Minnesota Healing Hands team, along with the clinic staff and administration. A 17-person medical team from Healing Hands for Haiti will leave for

Paraplegic Conquers Catalina Channel

Don’t think about what you can do–think about what you want to do. And start trying to do it. This is Jason Pipoly’s philosophy, and he lives by it. For

Applying Dr. Kubler-Ross’ Theory to Amputation

“Depression, anger, existential questions–“why me?”–and finally, acceptance,” is how Army Lt. Col. Alfredo Montalvo, a psychiatric clinical nurse at Brooke Army Hospital, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, describes the emotions of

Arrival in Haiti

Some members of MN team at overlook above Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The seventeen members of the Minnesota team of Healing Hands for Haiti arrived in Port-Au-Prince on Saturday morning. It feels

Day 1: Kay Kapab Klinic

When you are fortunate, you have an obligation to spread that fortune. That philosophy, along with a tremendous respect for the Haitian people led us to our first day “on

O&P: A Passionate Profession

Bob: “Do you think the biggest problems we face are ignorance and apathy?” Bill: “I don’t know, and I don’t care.” The above certainly can’t be said of the O&P profession! Jeff

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