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June 2009 Issue

June 2009

edit post Five Questions for Scott B. Elliott, CP by The O&P EDGE June 1, 2009 Scott Elliot has a dream job for a CP who cherishes international travel, Himalayan

Aron Ralston: Living the Questions

Aron Ralston may have America’s most famous amputation. In 2003, Ralston was an adventurous 27-year-old who had left a job as an Intel engineer to attempt to climb all 59

Patients Embrace the New SPL2

Patients across the country are expressing their overwhelming approval of the latest stance control knee orthotic joint from Fillauer, the SPL2. “I remember when I was being evaluated for my

Developing Skills for Life

Those faced with limb loss must suddenly deal with a dramatically different set of challenges associated with daily living. For most, the circumstances surrounding their amputation are unexpected, throwing them

Adaptive Summer Fun

While beautiful weather beckons and summer vacations stretch ahead, it’s time to think travel. And if you have a mobility disability or wear an orthosis or prosthesis, you may hit

From Mongolia to America, Part III

Amaglan Donid, a 59-year-old Mongolian language teacher with a transtibial amputation, traveled to the United States in January 2009 to receive a new, custom-fitted prosthesis, courtesy of the Barr Foundation

Improving Your Health Literacy

When faced with a life-altering diagnosis that results in a limb amputation or reduced mobility, coming to terms with the diagnosis can be overwhelming enough. Achieving a broad understanding of

Warren Macdonald: Indomitable Will

“Warren didn’t just reclaim his old life, he took the basic model of it and made it bigger, better, and brighter than it was before.” Some kinds of pain are

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