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June 2009 Issue

June 2009

edit post Five Questions for Scott B. Elliott, CP by The O&P EDGE June 1, 2009 Scott Elliot has a dream job for a CP who cherishes international travel, Himalayan

Warren Macdonald: Indomitable Will

“Warren didn’t just reclaim his old life, he took the basic model of it and made it bigger, better, and brighter than it was before.” Some kinds of pain are

Celebrating Victories

The 2009 legislative session has exceeded our expectations. Five states have passed prosthetic parity laws: Virginia, Maryland, Iowa, Arkansas, and Texas. Each bill requires insurers to provide meaningful coverage for

Billing & Collections Q&A

Frustrated by denials? When you need help with the complicated world of O&P billing, “Got FAQs?” has the answers you need to help keep your O&P practice running smoothly. This

Education Beyond the Classroom

I can’t remember exactly when I started going to O&P professional meetings, but I do know that I have always enjoyed them. The 2009 annual meeting of the American Academy

Consumer-Driven Orthoses

My favorite business mentor, Peter Schutz, the former CEO of Porsche, said, “If you listen to your customers carefully, they will tell you what your job is.” These days, this

Five Questions for Scott B. Elliott, CP

Scott Elliot has a dream job for a CP who cherishes international travel, Himalayan trekking, creative engineering, and teaching. The Minnesota native is based in Australia, where he is clinical-education

Over the Next Three Years

It has been estimated that the number of people living with limb loss will more than double by the year 2050 to 3.6 million.1 Adults and children are developing diabetes

Aron Ralston: Living the Questions

Aron Ralston may have America’s most famous amputation. In 2003, Ralston was an adventurous 27-year-old who had left a job as an Intel engineer to attempt to climb all 59

Patients Embrace the New SPL2

Patients across the country are expressing their overwhelming approval of the latest stance control knee orthotic joint from Fillauer, the SPL2. “I remember when I was being evaluated for my

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