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February 2011 Issue

February 2011

edit post Haiti: Reflecting on the First Year of O&P Relief Efforts by The O&P EDGE December 27, 2020 In a few brief, horrifying moments, more than 300,000 lives were

Landmines Continue to Claim Victims

Landmines have been called “weapons of mass destruction in slow motion” and “devils in the dirt.” Long after conflicts have ended, landmines continue to maim, and they do so indiscriminately.

Three Months at Klinik Hanger

A first-person retrospective by Anna Avakian, CPO   It’s amazing how a simple task like tightening a foot bolt can bring a flood of memories rushing back. That’s just what

Face to Face: Rebecca K. Ferris, CPO

Rebecca Ferris, CPO, lives by the motto “Do good.” Born into a large Irish family with relatives in the United States and abroad, she was exposed to an expansive world

Got FAQs?

Denials are difficult to identify and time-consuming to appeal. Count on “Got FAQs?” to help you sort through the complexities associated with O&P billing. This month’s column addresses your questions

Bill Ash and the Bucket List

“My freshman philosophy professor assigned this exercise and called it a bucket list. You were supposed to make a list of all the things we wanted to do in our

Bridging the Gap

Evidence-based practice is a modern phrase. Is it always practical? Evidence-based practice, the conscious and systematic use of the best-available research evidence in making decisions about the care of individual

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