Thursday, February 29, 2024

October 2022 Issue

Microprocessor Tech: Still Driving Change

Since the 1997 appearance of the C-Leg, microprocessor knees (MPKs) and, later, microprocessor ankles/feet, have been making news. Like ripples in a pond, their impact has not only altered the

Knee Braces, Physician Notes, and Bad Policy

As anyone in O&P knows, physician notes are notoriously lacking in description for orthotic necessity. In a recent case, I found myself considering L-1845 or L-1852 for a patient. I

Residency by the Numbers:

In spring 2020, a collaboration between O&P master’s programs was begun to gain insight into how residents progress from student to independent practitioner. Two programs—one with an integrated 18-month residency

Keeping Your O&P Business Relevant

As a kid, I remember working on projects in my dad’s workshop. I was always trying to build, invent, or fix something. When I was frustrated with my work, I

Editor’s Note–October 2022

Though the thermometer outside says 90 degrees, my calendar indicates it is the unofficial end of summer as we return to work after Labor Day, and most of us settle

Are Meetings Necessary or a Waste of Time?

A best-selling author on leadership once described how he handled a major project when he transitioned into the lead executive position with a new company. The existing leadership team had

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