Friday, May 27, 2022

heavy duty knee joints part two

Clinical Orthotic Consultants


I have already received 6 replies to my post earlier today, and they have
the same questions, so will post to all.

25 year old male, 5’10”, 210-225 lbs, very active. Right leg paralysis only
due to SCI as a baby. Has been using a KAFO since 3 years of age I think.

Dual action ankle joints seem to work best. Have been using titanium
uprights for years now. We contour everything, then take it to a local
welder to weld titanium cross bars at thigh and calf…this really works to
prevent torque on the joints.

I have not had many failures, but when it does fail, he has cracked right
through the middle of the joint, or at the connection point of the upright
to the joint, or the locking mechanisms wear out prematurely. I have used
both Otto Bock and Becker Joints in the past.

I tried a Horton SCOKJ when he was about 14…told me he was past riding
skateboards and jumping out of trees, but he wasn’t…had a lot of
breakdown on that one, and he really did not get used to it as he had a
locked knee for the previous 10 years.

Biggest problem with this guy is that he has a 5-8 deg knee flexion
contracture that has never improved…it is a bony lock at extension, and
nothing I can do about it, and he won’t consider more surgery.

Am wondering about using the Otto Bock Titan, Unilateral knee joint
(17LK3=0-T), but use two of them??? Looks to be the biggest and meanest
joint available?


Derek Kozar M.Sc., C.O.(c)

Certified Orthotist

Clinical Orthotic Consultants of Windsor, Inc.

316-3200 Deziel Dr.

Windsor, ON

N8W 5K8

519-944-8340 W

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519-982-1747 C


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