Friday, July 12, 2024

News reporting about prostheses

Brittany Stresing, CPO

Did others see the news report about Honda (in Ohio) having an employee who had an accident resulting in loss of legs and an arm? They stated that 1) “after surgery there was no prosthetic for his arm so it kept him in a wheel chair” 2) Honda made him a myoelectric prosthesis themselves

So my thoughts/questions/concerns that I would love people’s input is:
Was this providing a medical device without proper credentials?
Why did he not see a prosthetist?
Where is the line of a prosthetist and any other random person working at Honda or in their garage or whatnot?
Isn’t Ohio a licensure state? Are they practicing without a license?
Did they violate patents? I’m sure someone out there with touch bionics, ottobock, bebionic, etc have some patents on things so hopefully they are watching that they are not being violated.

I think we really need to come together and solidify that we do not just create devices but we are medical professionals! It’s crazy seeing just anyone make prostheses. We used to worry about therapists infringing but now we have non medical people and huge manufacturers creating medical devices and treating patients.

I am very passionate about this issue so anyone with any opinions or thoughts on protecting our patients and profession, I would love to speak to you and making some moves.

Brittany Stresing, CPO FAAOP

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