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Re: Physical therapists fabricating and billing for O&P devices?

Gil Gulbrandson

To all,Please refer to “P.T. in Motion News”  Friday March 10 to read APTA letter to CMS in regards to our profession’s efforts to limit orthotic and prosthetic care to qualified practitioners. In their letter they describe themselves as qualified due to the training they received in PT school. For Six years, I taught a class on orthotic management to senior students at Fitch Medical School in North Chicago Illinois. I can tell you first hand the time that is allotted to orthotic and prosthetic management barely qualified PTs to understand the nomenclature of our profession, much less provide care. Also, in observing senior PT students in affiliations from 4 area PT schools performed at my wife’s physical therapy clinic and interviewing each of them personally over the past 10 years , I can assure you these students have no more business doing Orthotic and Prosthetic care as I do doing physical therapy care.Me thinks the PTs are just continuing their age old practice of power grabbing any service they can bill for, while at the same time, not producing enough clinicians to do their core calling. Our vigilance in protecting the care of those that need our services is critical to hold such efforts at bay.Best Regards,Gil Gulbrandson CO, LO

From: FAOP
To: [email protected]
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 3:12 PM
Subject: [OANDP-L] Physical therapists fabricating and billing for O&P devices?

Dear O&P Practitioner,

Do you think *physical therapists* and *physical therapist assistants* are
qualified to:

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The FPTA has fought to include O&P treatment in the Physical Therapist’s
scope of practice. This would effectively and automatically give therapists
the power to do your job and bill for both O&P devices and their time.

The lobbying efforts of FAOP has stopped the FPTA from encroaching on our
scope of practice thus far but the fight is far from over.

Our profession is under threat not just from PTs and PTAs. CNAs, sales
reps, and unlicensed individuals are trying to legally perform your job.

*We are fighting to stop them.*

FAOP is a member driven, non-profit association run by volunteers, seeking
to protect the interests of all Florida orthotists, prosthetists, orthotic
fitters, and pedorthists.

We work with Capital City Consulting to make sure our profession is
represented at the State Capital: educating lawmakers, maintaining our
independence, and ensuring appropriate reimbursement for our services.

Lobbying efforts are the largest expenditure that FAOP incurs. These
efforts are funded by membership dues and educational offerings.

You have spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life training
to be an O&P Professional. *DO NOT allow your livelihood to be taken from
you* because a law maker is uninformed.

*Join FAOP now.* Encourage your colleagues to do the same. Together, we can
protect the integrity of the O&P profession in Florida.

Click here to join:

*Want to do more?* Volunteer for the FAOP Board. Elections will be held at
our Annual Conference during the FAOP business meeting on August 4, 2017.

Information on the Annual Conference can be found here:

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