Monday, April 22, 2024

Survey for parents of lower limb prosthesis-users to help guide research efforts

Geoffrey Balkman

Hello list members,

Researchers at the University of Washington are conducting a study to
assess the needs of 6-12 yr old children who use lower limb prostheses.
Here is the link to the survey: , and here is some
additional information:

*- What is this study about? *

We are conducting this study to look at play barriers that might impact
children who use lower extremity prostheses’ play behaviors. Play is a very
critical occupation of children and barriers to play can impact children’s
physical and psychosocial growth and development.

*- Why are we doing this study? *

We hope to maximize participation in play with peers, across a variety of
environments, in children who use lower extremity prostheses.

*- How will this study be useful? *

This study will improve our understanding of play barriers, behaviors, and
preferences in children who use lower extremity prostheses. Information
from this study will also help inform the development of an outcome measure
that will better identify play barriers and a new pediatric prosthetic foot
to better meet a child’s needs for participation in play.

*- Who are we inviting to participate? *

Parents of children with lower extremity prostheses between the ages of 6
to 12 years old. Parents who are able to read and speak English.

*- What are we asking parents with children who use lower extremity
prostheses to do? *

We are asking parents of children who use lower extremity prostheses, if
the child is between the ages of 6 – 12 years old, to complete a short,
online survey. The survey will take up to 10 minutes to complete. They can
decide not to answer a specific question and/or stop the survey at any
time. If they find our study interesting and would like to help us learn
more, they can provide us with their contact information on the survey, and
we would be happy to arrange follow-up interview. During the follow-up
interview, the parent will participate in a small focus group, further
discussing their survey answers and answering follow-up questions. The
parent can stop the interview at any time.

*- Will the parent or child benefit from the study? *

There is no immediate benefit to the parent or their child for
participating in this research study. However, with their participation, we
will be able to better understand the barriers to play with lower extremity
prostheses and ultimately, assist with development of a pediatric
prosthetic foot that better suits each child’s needs for play.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Cheryl Kerfeld, PT, PhD
(206) 713-7121
[email protected]

Thank you!


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