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Richard Feldman

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From: Richard Feldman
Date: Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 8:34 AM
To: “[email protected]

Thanks to all you wonderful people that answered my question; enjoy!
Richard Feldman, cpo

My list question:

Dear List,
I can’t be alone in having too many sleeve protectors come back after
suffering damage within the first 14 days of wearing.
It’s happens frequently; and obviously more frequent when using
vacuum. What may I ask is your standard system to protect the
outer suspension sleeve besides gluing some leather on the socket trim?
We have some success with the short gaitors from Otto Bock.
Thanks, Rick Feldman, cpo

List Responses:

From: Ingvar Leskovar
[email protected]
Don’t waste money on Gaitors.
I use EZ-trim via Cascade or, this:

The World’s #1 Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

David Seaman
[email protected]
First is making sure the trim line is flush with the knee medial and
lateral when flexed and does not stick above it and below the patella.
Second smooth edges and round out corners, I polish it with 300-400
grit wet sanding.
Third I use a proflex flexible inner socket to allow for a
soft/flexible transition from the carbon to the leg. Forth is patient
education on not kneeling on it with the socket on a hard surface.
Other tricks include car door trim, gaitors, and ever scrap liner
pieces inside out.
I currently wear the Ottobock Derma Pro Flex sleeve with a 3d PUR
liner that has the builtin gaitor. My current Sleeve is about 7
months old and still holding vacuum.
Any other sleeve I have had less success with.

Markus Säufferer, B.Sc.(Kin), C.P.(c)
1145 Dufferin Cres.
Nanaimo, BC
Plastic sockets with a 4mm wide rounded and soft edge helps. Modified
polypropylene is plenty strong and rigid for most applications.
Instead of leader, I use about 15mm wide and 2-3mm thick strip of high
density eva over the anterior brim. Good luck.

Amira Mouad LPO
Certified Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist
Cranial Remolding Specialist
Level 4 Orthotics and Prosthetics
Outer laminated protective socket…using a flexible inner frame also
sometimes seems to keep the sleeve more in tact.

Dante Molino
[email protected]
I do 99% pin locks because of insurance co. limit coverage replacing
these and medicare doesnt pay for them on a temporary anymore. Ive
given up fighting. Hardly any K3 stuff too. They say theyre not
rationing care but they are. I say just tell me what i can pick from
instead of denying and going into the abyss of appeals. ‘Uncle’
already, i quit

Greg Armstrong
[email protected]
Go to Auto Zone or similar and buy cheap flexible edge protector. Glue
to the socket brim

Anthony Gutierrez
[email protected]
Griffith, IN
I have patients fold sheath or sock over proximal socket edge, helps

David McCue
[email protected]
Ask your ottobock rep to get you in touch with Gary Hooks and learn
the most updated harmony casting technique. I haven’t had many
problems with sleeves wearing out since I’ve used his technique. I
don’t use any type of protector on most and have very few issues

[email protected]
The most important part to saving sleeves is a very smooth and flush
trimline. Reduce trims as low as possible and gently hand sand edges
inward. Trim below the patella. Fill all socket undercuts especially
mpt and posterior proximal; smooth application of light putty or gunk
on Durr plex before lamination.

jerod wexstten
[email protected]
I glue a strip of alps stretch gel from their liners and sleeves.
They work the longest since they are so stretchy and low durometer.
They also seem to have worked the best at sealing holes in the outer
sleeve when you turn the sleeve to prevent the two holes from lining
up. I keep all of my old alps sleeves and liners for this. I use
kiss glue. But regular superglue works too. Scuff the area you glue
and clean with alcohol.
(Lbk here) hope this helps, Jerod

Jonathan Disbro
Try E-Z trim
or wet sand the trim lines with some fine sandpaper.
Jonathan Disbro
Certified Prosthetist
Hanger Clinic
961 Matley Lane
Suite 100
Reno, NV 89502
Fax 775-323-6437
[email protected]

Wilder Lafond
I like to glue 1/8″ beveled microcell about 1″ below the trimline and
extend about 1/4″ above. This seems to be enough in many cases and I
only use sleeve protectors for the most rugged who get on knees, run
into doorframes etc. For these, we custom laminate a protective shell
Good luck!

Wilder LaFond, CPO
CarePartners HealthServices
Orthotics & Prosthetics Director
1 Doctors Drive, Asheville, NC 28801
[ph] 828.254.3392, [fax] 828.254.4380


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