Tuesday, May 21, 2024

RESPONSES: Genu Recurvatum Brace

Becky Curls

Below are some of the responses I had about genu recurvatum. Along with
what is below, a lot of people said to not waist time trying KO’s as a KAFO
is the only way to go. I haven’t quite decided what to do, but if I find
something that works well in this case I’ll let you all know!

Thanks for all your responses!


Some patients will tolerate an AFO attached to an ACL knee brace. We cast
over the ACL calf portion so the AFO portion will lock in and can be
riveted on. If she won’t wear that either i use an unloader to address
some of the varus and hypertension. I stress that just a KO won’t remove
all the hyperextension. If you hear of any better KO I’d like to hear about

You can try custom polio brace from Townsend but straps will still cut.
Been there tried everything.

I’d suggest COMBO from Allard but it’s not really a ML control brace. Townsend
also makes grand ko with lateral strut.

Try a hinged Swedish knee cage with a pre tibal shell, made out of 1/2″
pzote and ethylene which should help distribute the pressure

I had a case like this a while back. The best brace I could get her to use
was the Swedish knee cage. She too refused a KAFO, including the check

I have used the premier post polio version (specialty) ko from Townsend w/
some success. Unfortunately, all recurvatum has some component of
varus/valgus which “gums up the works” so to speak. This is a bit more
rigid and weighty, being laminated. But that plays into strength of

It’s still a KAFO, but the Allard Combo Brace has well served this same
polio population. You never get tibial problems because the Toe-Off covers
the whole tibial area with a soft interface and the foot plate reduces that
pressure as well. It’s light weight and tolerated so well. She may well be
amenable to it if you introduce her to it.


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