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Phantom Pain- responses

David Hansford

I am posting the replies I have received so far regarding alternative
treatments such as acupuncture. I will post additional replies as they come
to me.

Thanks to all who have responded I will pass this information on the

David Hansford, CPO, FAAOP

I have had two patients that had good results with acupuncture.

John Clarke

This is a good source for information:


Best regards,

Jeff Neu

Another good article. There are actually several devices I’ve worked with
in the past which have had good results. If you want to discuss, feel free
to call me at: 210-241-4371

Jeff Neu

It has worked for two patients – both trans-tibial. The acupuncturist is in

Jan Stokosa

Check with the RIC(Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) prosthetic team. I
know that when I was working there, a Dr. Applebaum did perform acupuncture
for some patients. However, I am not aware of the etiology of those
patients. As far as literature, I am unaware, but the pain center at RIC
may be helpful.

Michael Lavezzo, CPO, CTP

Director of Central Fabrication

Friddle’s Orthopedic Appliances

Hi David

I have no study to prove it just reports from patients who’ve told me that
when nothing else worked, acupuncture helped them tremendously. One of
these patients was an old grouchy farmer – not the type of person who I’d
ever guess would try an alternative like this… he swore by it. I have
done acupuncture myself for treatment of joint pain symptoms and had
moderate short term success… the one thing I’ve heard from everyone is
that it is something which takes much more than one treatment, and that it
is something one has to keep engaging in for it to work.

Just my two cents.

Amy Paulios CP

Madison, WI


I have a patient of 20 or so years, AK amputee, who experiences terrible
phantom limb pain. He has made ER visits for sedation the pain is so bad.

He is a VA patient and has everything under the sun for phantom pain. If you
find any positive responses please post or forward to me. I am sure he will
travel anywhere for relief.

I strikes him at any time or place so his life is governed by this issue.

Gary Yackley CP, BOCO

Casco Maine


Thanks for your posting – it’s a very interesting subject. I have a friend
who is planning to have an electronic “jamming” device inserted into his
lower back to reduce pain in both his legs. I will keep you abreast of this
development if you are interested.

Michael Wilson cpo

Spheno palatine block

Julie [email protected]


Please look into the work of Dr Kuiken at Northwestern for Targeted Nerve
Reinnervatiin. sp??

Great success with tying the cut motor nerve into other nerves



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