Sunday, May 28, 2023

Summary of replies: adhesive backed covering

Laura A Miller

Wow! This group is fantastic. I got a ton of great ideas. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to everyone personally. I plan to see how the Otto Bock fabric works for a little while but am very thankful for all of these new recommendations to consider. For those that might be interested I have summarized them below. I have edited the replies in an effort to be succinct.

As a reminder the requested was for a product that would meet these needs:
Water resistant
Thin enough to fold over edges
Sticky backed

Thanks for the help!
Laura Miller, PhD, CP
Prosthetist, RIC

Shearban was the most frequent recommendation

Other Replies, in no particular order….

Self-fusing silicone tape:

smooth-on products they have a broad selection of silicones and flexible urethenes that are very user friendly, you can paint on some platinum cured silicone that stuff is way tuff!

Glue your stretchy fabric on and take a tube or two of G.E. silicone caulk (in a choice of colors at home depot and smear it into the fabric with a tongue depressor and some skill, and rubbing alcohol or water if you want it smooth.

This is a product that we purchase locally at Tractor Supply, though you could probably source online with other stores. It is very similar to Coban. It has a sticky backing, is stretchable, is conformable and is water resistant.

Duct tape sheets:

I’ve used some form of edging from the auto industry in the past for trimlines. I can’t remember the exact product, but it was something like these:

I’m not sure if it’s thin enough but it’s stretchy and very adhesive. The part number is 4178 Quick Stick foam from PEL.
It’s closed cell foam and waterproof.

Liquid tool dip might work.

Electric plastic tape

Here is a product that may fulfill your needs. It is a sealing membrane used in construction, called ZIP system stretch tape. You will find it at

We specialize in the use of milled silicone and upper limb external powered devices.
Mike Carpenter CEO CTPO CFO

My name is Matt Doering, from Endolite. I live here in Chicago. I have an adhesive backed silicone that is very thin. Available in 12″ x 12″ sheet. I also have 1″ x 54″ roll.

Curbell Plastics. We are a supplier to your industry and may have something that will work for you.


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