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Re: UPDATE – RE: – Recycling Thermoplastics?

Dr. Steven King


As my wife tells my young daughters, “Find a solution to the problem.”

Perhaps we should do more research into using more biobased materials so we
can lessen the amount of plastic waste we force our planet to consume.

We will be testing earth friendly bio based flax composite orthotic and
footwear systems at NDSU this summer with a great grant from Ameriflax!


A hui hou,

Dr. Steven King
Prior Army Officer and Podiatrist
Managing Member Kingetics LLC
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Subject Matter Expert for ASTM American Society of Testing Materials
-E54.4 Homeland Security Applications and Personal Protective Equipment,
Tactical Body Armor
-F13 Pedestrian and Walkway Safety Footwear Testing and Standards

Co-Principle Investigator SBIR A11-109 “Advanced Composite Insoles for the
Reduction of Stress Fractures.” US Department of Defense and Army Medical
Research and Materials Command

Co-Author US Pat.# 8,353,968 “Spring Lever Orthotic Device”

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Regrettably I can’t post this with a smile.

It seems that those of us in the O&P industry all face the same problem when
it comes to recycling our plastics.

Not enough volume.

I had many folks reply and offer their own stories and they were always the
same. We just don’t stockpile enough for a recycling agency to come pick

So much like those that replied, we are going to continue what we’ve done
for years now. Throw it into the dumpster and focus on other ways to make
the Earth smile.

Thanks and sorry for the delay in posting a reply, slipped my mind.

“‘Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through
everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search
for love and wisdom.” – Rumi

Jesse Yingling
Purchasing Agent

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