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Responses: Bright Tree versus Futura.

Jeremy Sprouse

Responses to Bright Tree VS Futura

Thanks for all the info. I initially contacted OPIE and they actually told me Futura would be a better fit because we do rental( CPMs, some DME), and OPIE doesna?Tt have the capability for rentals. For those of you who asked what Ia?Tm using now here is our story. We were using CAU up to about 3 years ago when they were bought out by MedAct. We have been using Medact since then, but it now has been bought by Bright Tree. So they will soon discontinue Medact and we will have to switch to their software or some other software company. I want OPIE but I dona?Tt want to give up the rental items I have. Since OPIE bought out Futura, Ia?Tm hoping they will merge their software and I will get the best of both.

Thanks again for the info.

Jeremy CPO

This is just our opinion but don’t go with FUTURA!!!!! We have used Futura for the past 8 years and we are now in the middle of making the switch to OPIE. 🙂 We quit using Futura for our electronic billing about two years ago (they are way behind the times!!) and have been using Zirmed (LOVE IT!!).

We are still having issued with the way files are going from Futura to Zirmed because Futura has not even upgraded to sending files in the 5010 format!!! We have to send everything in the PRINT.CLP format…..and it is a pain!! Futura’s Technical Support is HORRIBLE!!!!!! We have not been able to run accurate reports all these years and along with everything else we finally just got fed up!!!! OPIE and Zirmed work great together so we are excited to make the switch!!! I can’t even imagine how Futura is going to keep up the ICD-10 switch—makes me shiver just thinking about it. Hope this helps!!!

++Futura states they are in 5010 format

Have you considered Opie? We switched 5 years ago (from Medflex). Could not be happier!! Happy to share our experience if you want to chat. I reviewed Futura and Brightree before ultimately deciding on Opie, but that was 7 years ago, so I don’t recall the comparison particulars.


We were with Brightree from 2007-2013 and switched to Futura in 2014. We do both DME and O&P.

Brightree’s system was a bit “unforgiving” when it came to needing to correct anything or mistakes. If you messed up an order, you weren’t able to make a simple correction like a change in date… you would have to credit invoice out and then create a new order to get a new invoice. The Scheduling system wasn’t able to handle our needs for scheduling apts with Orthotists and our CPM Dept for Dme.. so this was a set back as well. Brightree’s reporting system can be very detailed however buff up on your Excel skills. And if you need a “Customized report” be prepared to pay for it. They also cannot tailor anything specifically for your company- any changes or enhancements for their software are globally.

Futura- Transition was a little rough.. but it has been better for us. It’s not as “pretty” like Btree (web based) but functionality is a lot better. We are able to correct and resubmit transactions immediately, or correct posting mistakes without it showing up on the patients invoice. They have helped us create custom reports that we can use in Excel. Scheduling is easier and both depts. can use it. Our CPM techs and Orthotists use Ipads and can have patients sign forms and make credit card payments on them. They have access to their schedules too. Futura also has real-time Ar worklist app for our Collections Dept to use- a little quirks with that. Also has a WIP list Ap that we are getting use too.

Again, maybe Btree has changed or added new stuff. But this is what we have come across. Is either system perfect? For us no. But you do the best you can. I like that Futura can tailor “some” things specific to our company- whereas Brightree’s global system was not able too.


Opie is a little better. They are adding more orthotic templates which is a dramatic improvement.


We use OPIE for clinical and Futura for billing. We have been using Futura since 1998 and I am very happy with the program. It’s very easy to use and their support is very good. I would highly recommend it.


OPIE all the way, its a win win for everything


Futura is garbage.


Opie all the way. We started our business 18 months ago and went with opie after using futures for a decade. Opie is such a comprehensive package


OPIE is great and it keeps on getting better. I am really happy with them. Their Sells Dpt. and Operation Mangers are a bit weird but once you get pass that and start dealing with their Customer Service Dept. they are amazing. Every single person in customer service is superb. I can honestly say that switching from Brightree to OPIE was the be decision I have made.


I saw your post on the a?~listserva?T regarding Bright Tree. I dona?Tt know what the cost would be to go to Bright Tree, but I do know that currently they are working with two very large O&P groups to develop the O&P piece of their platform; thus, you may be best suited to check out what they have. Bright Tree is a huge company, and as such, has the horsepower and resources to make the best system on the market if they so choose. Theya?Tre by far the dominant player in the DME world.


I have no experience with Futura, but we are in the process of trying to get it. We requested OPIE at first but were turned down due to price. Futura seems to be very useful from what I can tell and should be a good return on investment. I had Futura send me a list of references which I called. Most of the responses were positive with minor complaints, mostly about their customized reports being difficult to read in the format they print in. I’d recommend that you do the same. Let your Futura rep know which version of their product you are interested in and what type of company you are and they can send you a custom list of referrals that closely match your needs and company type (large, small, private, chain, hospital department or contractor, etc). As we haven’t yet purchased Futura I’d be interested in knowing the responses you receive.


We had Furtura and switched to OPIE. I would not go with Futura. Go with OPIE.

The Futura software is really out of date once you are working with OPIE.


OPIE! The best clinical documentation driven package out there.

If you use it, you will do better with audits.

Go for OPIE
From OPIE-> We are looking at ways to connect the a?oFront End of OPIEa?? (i.e. compliance, workflow, electronic medical records, purchasing, reporting) with the billing aspect of Futura. This may provide a solution for you in the future where you can get the best of both worlds. Ita?Ts difficult to predict everything that we will do and when, but the possibilities are really good for the future of OPIE and Futura.

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