Friday, May 20, 2022

Prosthetic Socks

Jarrod Eccles

Dear List,

As clearly pointed out by Jan Stokosa, CP, FAAOP

I should have stated that for ” For amputees who experience fluid volume
fluctuations” .

Dear List,

Not sure if anyone has the answer to these questions but was posed to us a
few times and we are curious as well.

Common knowledge is that amputees fluctuate in volume throughout the day and
apply socks.

So first question is:

Does anyone have info regarding the range of percentage of volume loss
experienced? Is it greater in the distal end vs the rest of the residuum?

In North America we use a ply system that does not have a reference to
thickness of each ply. If it does exist it is not provided readily with

Second Question:

Can someone produce a published chart of what a ply equates to in a mm

In other Countries they use a mm thickness and are not familiar with our ply
system, or they have a just a thick and thin version.

Third Question:

With volume fluctuation being a common occurrence by all amputees, why is
there not a standardized method of determining common sock thicknesses

Last question:

If these systems work in other parts of the world, is the range of sizes and
thicknesses over thought in North America?

We will post all answers to the list.


Jarrod Eccles R.T.O. (c)

Director of Operations

Toll Free 877-395-0081

Skype: jarrodeccles



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