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Responses Underdeveloped AFO Fabrication


Original: Looking to get a general con
Thanks to all who responded.

Original:  Looking to get a general consensus of what minimum equipment it takes
to fabricate AFOs specifically in an area that is underdeveloped and in need of
orthoses. Thanks in advance for general thought and also advice from those
experts in the field that have direct prior experience.

Keith M Smith CO LO FAAOP 


You may need small router machine but at times we use grinder, drilling machine,
oscillator/cast cutter,jig saw or plastic cutter,heat gun,hammer,anvil,vice and
a bench.
I hope electricity is available in this case.
I hope this may help you.

well I need to ask
what are your criteria?
is this a continuing clinic or will each person get one brace for life?
if the idea of using metal is option the brace can be repaired welded rivetted
for this you need metal, a hammer rivets and leather for cuff etc
is this a tropical local w/ heat, rain
if so the thermoplastic options will not rust
however you need sheets plastic heat source , a forming device vac and models w/

means to cut trim finish grind etc

You may want to contact Mobility India – in Bangalore.  They have set up many
workshops in remote locations.  Ritu and Soikat will be able to give you some
great help.  They have also developed pre-fab kits for a couple of devices.

I have experience in the manufacturing of AFOs and KAFOs and knee orthosis with
limited resources,,,,
the best among these are the new technology introduced in Germany,Leipzig,,,,,u
can make orthosis directly on patient within 30 minutes according to the
contours and fittings,,,and can give desired angles(corrective and
supportive).no oven needed,,,no need of casting, model making,,,belts and loops
are ready made and attached,,,,just pour in chemical and give it a
shape,,,,would hard in couple of minutes and can be utilized by the patient same
secondly,,,,u may buy prefabricated AFOs,,,and KAFOs,at very low cost from
china,,,,cut and trim according to the desired size and assemble these
quickly,,,u need wide range of AFOs and thigh parts,knee joints,,ankle joints
available in all sizes,,and set of tools,a heat gun,,,bending irons,,,and nuts
and bolts system,,,,etc
third option,,,,u may give them laminated orthosis,,,which require limited
Good Luck

The term “minimum” is relative.  Is there electricity?  Do the patients
wear shoes?  Do you mean plastic AFO or metal.  I’ve made PAFO using
wood-fired oven, the vacuum from a Land-Rover, and only hand tools and

depending on whether or not you have electricity you need a vacume pump and some
sort of stand thats rigged for vacume and a oven

Check out my website … Go under Guatemala and watch the YouTube
videos. This will give u a little bit of an idea. If any questions please call

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