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Resposnses: Hyrdacadence II


Thanks to all who responded. The experience and views of the members of this listserv are invaluable.

My original post is below followed by the responses that I received.

On 5/10/2011 1:24 PM, Beaconpo wrote:
> I posted an inquiry about the Hydracadence II knee a few months back and
received very little in terms of response. After those months have passed I am
now hoping to get a little more feedback. If anyone in the US has used the new
Hydracadence II knee from Proteor and would share briefly there perceptions of
it’s function, support and service from the distributors, manufacturer, etc., I
would appreciate it very much.
> Eddie V. White, CP
> Beacon Prosthetics and Orthotics


This is Gary Mahler of PEL Supply Company. Although we don’t have hands on experience regarding functionality, we are an authorized distributor of Proteor products, including the Hydracadence. Because of reimbursement issues we’ve sold some of this product but not enough to justify stocking it. Once an order is placed, Proteor gets it to us within about two weeks so you would need to allow 2 weeks plus a couple days lead time when placing an order. We are by no means experts on reimbursements but my general understanding is that Veterans usually qualify but it seems reimbursement success is more likely when the clinician is working for or through a local VA.

Following is a copy of our online catalog page for the Hydracadence.

I hope this provides some insight.

Best regards,

Have one in the works …. Seems to be an updated carbon copy of the
old hydracadence. Old client who is also a race car fabricator says it
looks like it will work well. But, as you likely know, they are not
known for their hydraulic reliability. Hopefully that has been improved.
Hope it helps a bit.

Wil Haines


Stuart from DAW here, we carried the unit for 8 years. The story is this. While, US manufacturing was licensed here in the US to manufacture the Hydrocadence, Proteor was doing it in Europe. Unlike US, they never stopped making it. they eventually redid the frame out of composite, so you could cut it at any length and made it so you can fit any foot that you can bolt up in to ankle. The hydraulic unit itself was identical to the original. We sold maybe 4 a year for all those years, so around 30 total. Worked fine, except when they need service. They have to go back to France to be serviced, killed the business, 3 to 6 week turnarounds and really expensive and very short warranty. I spent a lot of time chasing these things around the world. Not worth it in my book. Reimbursement is terrible too!

Stuart Marquette, CO, BOCP

Dear Mr. White,

I found the Hydracadence II knee performance to be identical to the original
hydracadence with all of the positives and negatives. It looks much better, and
you get that ankle motion. However it remains a very stable knee in general.

Also the sizing issues remain as far as ordering the correct length. It still
remains as one of the few entire leg systems.

Hope that helps,

Gerry Stark

Gerald Stark, MSEM, CPO/L, FAAOP
VP of Product Development & Education
The Fillauer Companies, Inc.
[email protected]



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