Friday, December 2, 2022

Responses for OTS braces for knee flexion contractures


Thank you very much to everyone who responded to me regarding this question,
following are the reponses:

Original Post: Hello everyone, just wondering what most of you use in the
way of prefabricated knee braces for the management of knee flexion

Responses: Hi I am sending you copy of RCAI 2011 catalog.Are knee
contracture braces are on page 12. Also checkout are 67rkpop on bottom of
page 11. If you calla re 1-800-627-1595 and talk to are customer service
they will send out the local rep so that you can see the braces. If I can
help anymore call me on my cell.

I have been using COMFY brand ko’s for Geriatric pt’s , they have three
models, bendable frame, goniometer, or goniometer with spring assist, I have
also used ultra-flex models in the past, they are more expensive and harder
for nursing staff to use.

First, don’t even talk to Dyna Splint. They won’t work with you. They will
sell you a brace at full retail and expect you to charge a separate fitting
fee. Cascade sells the DeRoyal dynamic knee brace that works pretty well
and the charge allows you to actually make something off the service. RCAI
has a great static knee brace that does a very good job and it fairly
inexpensive. Be sure to use the additional knee cap pad.

I laughed when I saw your post, as I was pondering this question about an
hour ago for an ABI patient (post MVA) which we want to use a brace for
periods during the day to maintain and possibly increase knee ROM following
Botox injections. I have ordered a DonJoy Advance Dynamic ROM brace to
trial, but was resigned to a custom made brace for longer term use, using
UltraFlex ratchet joints.


Keo from orthoinnovations

UltraFlex and Dynasplint

Believe it or not RCAI and Comfy make comfortable braces for this diagnosis
and they are billable, too.

I like the Mackie brace for some, and the Empi (like the brace, not the
company, and issue with reimbursement and keeping the patient).

I’m not sure if the patient is ambulatory or not and whether it’s for day or
night time use.

Static night time KOs:

– Mackie Knee Orthosis by Ortho Innovations in Rochester, MN – has knobs on
both sides so that it may be adjusted. This is for static stretching. This
is not covered by the Medicare KO LCD for non-ambulatory patients.

– KMO by Anatomical Concepts – it’s a posterior adjustable KO that you use
a phillips screw driver to adjust the setting. This is static, but cannot
be adjusted by the patient. We use it for non-ambulatory Medicare patients
for contracture management.

Please do not list my name with the response. Feel free to contact me
directly if you have any further questions about these, as we use them
frequently in our clinic.

I use Ultraflex Ultrabrace, very happy with results.


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