Sunday, November 27, 2022

Responses to suspension sleeve for running

Amy Paulios

Hello List,

Last week I posted a question asking practitioners what they’re
successfully using for suspension sleeves on running prostheses (for BK
patients). Here are the responses received:

* We use Contex sleeves for just about everything as they seem to be
very durable and not too bulky. We also do have clients that use them
for their running prosthesis as well. part # 3S10/size for the
creamy/yellow ones or 3s20/size for the grey ones which I believe are
supposed to be even more durable but do cost a bit more.

* I am BK since 1969 and during the early nineties I did not run but
sped-walked roughly 10km/6miles a day. I used a PTB, hard socket, a 5X
wool stump sock, and J.S. Smith suspension and it worked fine. Fact, it
would get mighty hot in Nashville (my residence) and while I sweat like
most people, the suspension was not really a problem. It would get moist
but the wool socket actually helped maintain the residual/socket
interface. Durability of the Smith was also good.

* May I suggest ESP’s FlexiSleeve and FlexiSport sleeves. These
sleeves carry a 3 month guarantee, and last up to 5 months on many
patients. Pre-flexed at 43 degrees, they give active patients
additional comfort when bending the knee. Made from a latex free
Neoprene, both the FlexiSleeve and the FlexiSport are air
tight…providing excellent suction.

* I have used the EPX heavy duty sleeve from Knit Rite in the past for
patient’s who ran. This was just an auxiliary sleeve for extra
stability over a locking liner. It does not hold suction. However,
patient’s felt very secure with the ability to tighten the elastic strap
on the thigh, and the thin breathable material works well without
bunching in the popliteal. I’m not sure, but I know Knit Rite has
discontinued these a few times in the past, then brought them back.
Check for current availability.

* Context gel Euro Sleeve by Striefeneder

*We have had great results using elevated vacuum for our runners. The
popliteal area has not been a problem.

* I have actually asked this question on the list serve a few years back
and the overwhelming response was the Durasleeve.

* We have had good luck with the Centri Sleeves. They are thin and
durable. They cost more than the other sleeves, but last longer.

* I use a Otto Bock Derma Proflex. It has a pre-flex at the knee, is
thinner than most and very durable.
I use it with my Harmony pump and works great.

* I have been fabricating High-Activity BK sockets using Polytol. (from
OttoBock) I have found that the flexible resin is very good for
Hamstring reliefs and allows me to have open reliefs in the frame. It’s
great for suspension sleeves because the proximal trimlines are

* I would try the Euro International, Inc/Streifeneder ContexGel Sleeve-
IN GREY-. The thread of the outer material is tougher and will not
stretch as quickly as our original ContexGel Sleeve in Beige.
The Gel is still the same, but this i what I suggest to all my higher
K3- K4 and runners, surfers, etc. Please let me know if you need
additional info: .
Hope this helps- we also suggest our Knee Sleeve Protector (distal
interior with silicone border, thereby NO glue OR additional tape

* Have you tried ESP’s sport sleeve?

* Depending on Residual-limb capabilities a sleeve may not be necessary
if using a hypobaric cushion interface with integrated pin suspension
system (a more popularly understandable term is a gel liner). I have
many runners – one in particular who is an ultra distance runner,
running 30-100 miles.

Using a pin system with a socket designed to fit very intimately and
provide supracondylar stabilizing support as well as assisting in

One must be meticulous in socket design!

* Removable fork strap and waist belt. Gives excellent suspension, no
problem in popliteal, helps keep residuum cool, and provides extra
extension assist (most runners welcome this to keep pressure off ant
tib), and virtually indestructible.

—-Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!—-

Amy Paulios CP

Prosthetic Laboratories

Madison, WI Office


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