Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ossur encroaching on your business?

Spencer Doty

One of my colleagues in Southern California alerted me to a growing trend that concerns me, and I’m curious if any other private practice owners or practitioners can validate whether or not this trend is in fact true, and if so, what the impact has been or will be on their business.

I was informed that sometime in recent history, Ossur purchased a company called Team Makena. Team Makena is an organization that goes directly into the doctor’s office and provides orthotic items (among other things) to patients. A while ago I believe they were representing Donjoy products but then moved over to representing Ossur products. In any case, any involvement of Team Makena in my service area has been a hostile move from what I’ve noticed, as they obviously cut out any orthotist in the area. I personally believe that a board certified orthotist can provide better care and service that a “rep” from a given company, but maybe the physicians don’t feel the same way, and unfortunately, patients aren’t informed well enough about our field to know (or even care) who is providing their O&P services.

I see Ossur’s ownership of Team Makena as a conflict of interest. Why should I, or anyone that operates in a private practice, be motivated to purchase any Ossur products if they’re a direct competitor? I have no problem with a manufacturing company providing services to the local area where their manufacturing plant and/or headquarters is located, but I see this set up of Ossur/Team Makena as a growing problem. I don’t want to single out Ossur, it’s no secret that other manufacturers of O&P devices also do the same thing, but I hadn’t ever associated Ossur with that group until now.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and I’d like to know if I’m alone in my concerns, or whether the private practices in affected areas should be proactive in combating a potentially hostile move by one of our manufacturers.


Spencer Doty, CPO, MBA
Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist
Verdugo Hills Hospital Med Staff

Active Life, Inc.
“Humanity Through Technology”
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