Thursday, May 26, 2022

Hurricane Katrina and Amputee Aid

Wayne Renardson

The following professionals, amputees, organizations. and businesses
have offered assistance to people in need as a result of Katrina:

This is being posted to and
crossposted to OANDP-L

Please forgive any duplicate information or redundant data.

(1) Barr Foundation Hope Donor Euro International, based in Tampa,
Florida and the German-based company F.G. Streifeneder.

Richard L. Hughes
Technical Director
Euro International
5906 Breckenridge Pkwy.
Suite G Tampa, FL 33610

800 378 2480
813 246 5995
813 246 5998 Fax
813 785 8199 Cell


Anthony T. Barr, Barr Foundation


We are located in Nebraska. Yes, outside of the stricken area
however, we are seeing some in-migration. In fact, the Universities
here have welcomed victims of Hurricane Katrina with in-state tuition.
A very kind gesture.

In the case we can help I offer our businesses information.

Triumph Prosthetics and Orthotics
2930 Ridge Line Road; Suite 106
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506

Toll Free (888) 669 7158

Joe Frey

We are located in Baton Rouge and are willing to continue to help out
any way possible. The name of my facility is

Redstick Orthotics & Prosthetics, LLC
1651 Lobdell Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 928-9939

If you have any questions please call me.


We are in San Antonio, Tx and approx. 13,000 have been processed
through here. We are finding that the need for basic supplies such as
socks. We are also finding the liners they are using are not being
dried out. They have no safe place to do that.

We have supplied several new liners just to have dry ones.

We are also finding that they have been through a very traumatic time
and a few will completely break down while you are working with them.

Gordon W. Bosker, M.Ed, CPO, LPO
Univ of Texas Health Science Ctr
Office #: 210-358-7656
Cell #: 210-289-3504

I am close to the region damaged by the storms. My facility is
Amputee Prosthetic Clinic
802 East 20th street Tifton, GA 31794 .

Tifton is located 60 miles from the Florida state line in south Central
Georgia. Many shelters have been established in our region and I will
make my services available to them 24/7.

Jim Young, CP, FAAOP. 229.387.6600.

amp-l mailing list



for a directory of American Board Certified practitioners and
Directory of The Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification

for all states including Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. John
Gibson, LP, of Houston,Texas has offered help with prosthetics in
Houston. His offices and facility are located directly across from the
Houston Astrodome where some 12,000 refugees are now housed.

Once a patient is identified John will contact the Barr Foundation for
specific component needs and we will provide them from our warehouse
stockpile or reach out to the O&P manufacturers for component donations
and have them shipped for that specific candidate.

John and his volunteers will provide the rehabilitation and/or required
adjustments and repairs to prostheses at no charge. The
manufacture/donor will receive acknowledgment for their tax deductible
donations to the Barr Foundation.

His telephone number is 713-664-1922

e-mail: ([email protected])

Anthony T. Barr, Barr Foundation


Is there a use for old feet? My son is a 21 yr-old BK amputee who was
born missing his fibula and had his foot amputated at 7 months so we
have about 18 old feet around our house. If there would be any use,
let me know and I would be happy to send them to you

Kathy Frey

If you are displaced in Houston due to Katrina and work in the O&P
field please contact us. We would like to help in whatever way

Anne Pare
Hope Orthotics, Inc
office 832-818-0701 after hours
[email protected]


We are in Montgomery, Alabama. We have already helped a few Red Cross
volunteers and would be happy to help any patients. Some evacuees in
this area are already here.

Teri Powers-Watts, C.P.O., C.Ped


Anyone else interested in offering assistance to the people of Katrina
may send your offers to:

Wayne Renardson

and an additional listing of new volunteers will be posted to AMP-L and
OANDP-L with implied permission to repost to other amputee resources.


Wayne Renardson, moderator


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