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Re: Reply summary – state license = BOC = ABC

Gingras, Ron

How reasurring, that the ABC has required a successful completion of an examination to get around the educational requirements previously necessary to become ABC certified , tell that to our patients. Maybe the AMA will accept a easier test , an elementary one of course, that will allow us to become surgeons without medical school? ABC has become very good at walking in the grey area loop holes of their own “cannons of ethical conduct”. They make the terms “Cannons or Ethical Conduct” and Mark of Merit the oxymoron’s of our time.

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My original posting was:

How many of you are aware that BOC has offered certification to all state

licensed O&P providers?

Thus now that a BOC credential is convertible to an ABC credential, every

uncredentialed practicitioner grandfathered into state licensure has a

simple and quick pathway to an ABC credential. I’m not sure that this

actually applies to very many individuals but the whole idea certainly is


Replies follow:
Just to make you aware of the situation. The ABC board of directors has required anyone who wishes to cross-over from BOC to ABC to have passed an examination. So, if an individual was licensed in a state and was grandfathered without having to take an examination, they would NOT be eligible for ABC certification.
Hope this clarifies the issue for you.

Steve Fletcher, CPO
Director, American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics

This is a glaring example why states should not tie qualifications for licensure to certifcations when seeking state licensure. Additionally, the cavalier attitude that ABC has exhibited to their certifees (not voting members, and happy to tell you that) and the patients we care for, only underlines the need for state licensure. State licensure excluding certificatiions is the only way that patient care and your educational credentials will not be compromised or manipulated for profit , political reasons or just a plain old void in meaningful and prudent leadership.
We need to take on the responsiblity as practitioners for high O and P standards of patient care individually, state by state. Time and again the leadership of our O and P organizations have only undermined efforts to provide this level of care.
Get behind your state organizations and work for justice in patient care, the rest will take care of itself.

Ted, I’m sure you will get an official response from the ABC, but the BOC to ABC conversion is based on passage of the BOC exam not any grandfathering.
You can check with Cathy Carter at the ABC to verify this. As an aside, the State of Illinois requires passage of the ABC exam so the conversion does not work for an Illinois License.

I looked into this and actually it’s not quite that easy. If a state licensed person applies and gets BOC cert based only on being state licensed, and then applies to ABC, they must have been BOC certified prior to the negotiations, and they must have taken and passed BOC exams in the past. Otherwise they will still have to take the ABC exams for ABC. Still not as stringent as ABC, but better than just mailing a check.

End of replies

The comments about working for state licensure separate from certification
make a lot of sense. I just hope that there can be an effort to build some
consistency between state regulations for the sake of reciprocity.

Ted A. Trower C.P.O.
A-S-C Orthotics & Prosthetics
Jackson, Michigan, USA


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